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Toppan Forms Develops UHF Band e-Paper Label with Three Meters Communication Distance

March 31, 2014

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) developed an e-paper label that communicates at a distance of 3 meters using UHF radio frequency band. The label thickness is mere 1.5mm with embedded thin battery. The battery life of the label theoretically lasts for ten years based on ten times rewrites per day by its unique energy saving circuit. Since multiple labels can be rewritten at once, the company expects a wide range adoption of applications for product management and storefront in logistics and retail industries.


Toppan Forms in 2010 developed an HF band display label that can rewrite without battery. It is currently being used in logistics, manufacturing, and retail industries to reduce labor costs and to prevent errors related to reaffixing them. In such circumstances, more customers are starting to request RFID that can be rewritten at once with longer communication range. To address these new demands, the company developed an e-paper label that is compatible to UHF band communication standard ISO/IEC 18000-6C which allows longer communication distance and a wider range of applications.


  • 1. Compatible to international communication standard ISO/IEC 18000-6C (EPC Gen2)
  • 2. Beyond three meters communication distance to rewrite the display. (Conventional HF band version is 20cm.)
  • 3. Speed to rewrite the e-paper is approximately one second compared to three seconds for batteryless HF label.
  • 4. Multiple labels (in the order of 10s) can be rewritten at once.
  • 5. Energy saving design enables ten year's battery life based on 10 rewrites per day.
  • 6. 1.5mm thickness label with flexibility.
  • 7. Texts displayed: Numbers, alphabet, katakana, barcode.

Future Direction

The UHF e-paper developed by Toppan Forms will be improved to strengthen communication performance and numbers of text to be displayed. Consideration for mass production is underway.

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