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  • Toppan Forms Launches "FastEntry" New Service that Easily Digitize Application Process It can be implemented without changing the paper application process flow

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Toppan Forms Launches "FastEntry" New Service that Easily Digitize Application Process
It can be implemented without changing the paper application process flow

November 27, 2014

Information Management Solution provider, Toppan Forms Co., Ltd., (Toppan Forms hereunder), on December 1, will launch a new service called "FastEntry" that allows easy digitization of various application processes without changing the conventional paper application form operation flow.
It can be used for applying credit card point service in stores, various applications over the counter in financial institutions, and application page on client's website for a wide range of users to increase their usage.


The application page optimized for easy viewing and entry on any device regardless of PC, tablet, or smartphone provides benefits to users. The application page is designed and generated together with print data so users can enter information like filling paper applications. Using various support features also simplify user's application process. For example, application on smartphone and tablets, personal identification documents can be submitted using the camera feature. Drivers license can be read using OCR which automatically reflects personal information in the field of the form. It is also possible to use NFC to read personal information in the contact-less chip for data entry into the form.
Allowing clients to implement the service without altering the application process flow is its main selling point. Data captured by "FastEntry" via Toppan Forms' server can either (1) be sent as PDF files in the same format of paper application forms for data entry process, or (2) record the data directly into client's customer database which allows the client to integrate them into the conventional process in any desired format.
Since the print version of application form is generated together with the web version, both versions are automatically revised eliminating the need to manage multiple media separately.

Generate PDF in same a same format as the printed application, Information Entry Display

FastEntry Process Flow

FastEntry Process Flow


In recent years, applications using PC, smartphone and tablet are becoming essentials with increasing users. Clients are actively turning to digital solution to reduce print costs of application form, labor cost for checking, and postage and handling for sending back inadequate or incomplete documents. However, the difference between conventional and web process flow is causing complexity.

Future Direction

Toppan Forms, will put its effort in providing input solution such as "FastEntry" in addition to the its output solution that has been the company's strength. By furnishing comprehensive support that covers input to output processes of client’s operation, the company expects to provide a system that meets a wide range of needs. Toppan Forms aims to sell one billion yen in 2015 in the area of Digital Messaging Solution (DMS).

  • ※ DMS is an outsourcing service for sending various communications such as business mail and direct mail in the most suited digital format for the recipient.
  • ※ "FastEntry" is currently under application for trademark registration by Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
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