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  • Toppan Forms Launches New "DM Check Package" Service that Objectively Inspects Direct Mail Through the Eye of an Expert

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Toppan Forms Launches New "DM Check Package" Service that Objectively Inspects Direct Mail Through the Eye of an Expert

December 2, 2014

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) will launch a new service called "DM Check Package" that quickly provide improvement points by inspecting direct mail (DM) in three stages covering "Manual Inspection" that evaluates direct mail by an expert, "Systematic Inspection" that qualitatively conducts evaluation using software, and "General Evaluation" that provides improvement points in a report format.

On the web, heuristic evaluation by experts are widely used to improve usability of display interface. On the other hand, the expertise of direct mail have been handed down as a form with less effort placed on the objective evaluation.

Step1 Manual Inspection, Step2 Systematic Inspection (Attention Focus Check)

Toppan Forms has developed unique indexes that objectively evaluate direct mail based on insights derived from experts both inside and outside the company. The indexes are backed by expertise derived from observation and analysis data of 40,000 direct mail collected for 10 years, research result on consumer's DM open and viewing behaviour using gaze measurement and brain science experiments conducted inside and outside the company.

Method of DM Check Package

  • 1. Manual Inspection
    Elements constituted on the DM are evaluated by over 100 check items such as relevancy, strategy, and others. Issues are analyzed item by item such as envelope and inserts.
  • 2. Systematic Inspection
    Using the 3M "Gaze Prediction Service" qualitative evaluations are conducted such as focus attention check and appropriateness of information volume.
  • 3. General Evaluation
    Toppan Forms' DM experts will explain the report that covers results obtained from "Manual Inspection", "Systematic Inspection" and other aspects. Samples archived in the LABOLIS' DM Library are used as references to consult on improvement points.

Future Direction

By using "DM Check Package", various items that constitute a DM such as envelope, greeting letter, pamphlet, response letter, are objectively evaluated and inspected based on fixed set of standard.
Toppan Forms' "DM Check Package" will support improvement so that the DM communication of each company is more easily understood and conveys attractiveness to the consumer.
■For details on DM Check Package please access the following URL

About DM Library

LABOLIS is a place where you can discover and plan the most appropriate improvement together with the client by providing service utilizing unique information and scientific tools to solve issues related to personal communication.
Located inside LABOLIS "DM Library" is Japan’s only dedicated archive with collection of over 40,000 direct mail that have been sent to consumer monitor's home.
■For details on LABOLIS click here.

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