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  • TOPPAN FORMS Develops RFID Tags for Location Management Applications, Begins Operational Use in In-Yard Vehicle Management


TOPPAN FORMS Develops RFID Tags for Location Management Applications,
Begins Operational Use in In-Yard Vehicle Management

April 5, 2017

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (“TOPPAN FORMS” hereunder) has developed a new RFID tagging system for location management applications, pinpointing the location of specific vehicles on expansive premises such as new vehicle storage yards. The new tags offer long-range transmission capabilities and high durability, and have already been adopted for operational use by the Toyota Motor Corporation’s Distribution & Information Kaizen Department.
The tags contain positional information for each parking space stored on their internal IC chips, and are installed directly onto the storage yard’s asphalt surface. Because of this, the tags require long-distance transmission capabilities that enable easy reading of positional data even in areas with dense concentrations of vehicles, and high durability to prevent breakage due to rainwater or being rolled over by the vehicles themselves. However, existing RFID tags had suffered signal range attenuation due to the metallic constituents contained in asphalt, and were also prone to transmission failures and malfunctions due to rainwater and damage from being run over by vehicles.
The new tags achieve a long-range transmission distance of approximately 1.2m*1 on asphalt, employing an antenna design technology developed by TOPPAN FORMS. Additionally, the adoption of a proprietory internal structure*2 has significantly improved the durability of the tags to withstand the permeation of rainwater and weight of vehicles.

The newly developed RFID location management tag. An illustrative example of the new RFID location management tag in use.


  • 1.Capable of approx 1.2m long distance transmission on asphalt or concrete
  • 2.Highly durable and capable of withstanding rainwater, and being run over by vehicles
  • 3.Produced in Japan by a 100% domestic process (development, manufacture and inspection)

Background to Development

Until now, it had taken automobile manufacturers massive amounts of time and hard work to find specific, target vehicles from amongst large numbers of vehicles stored on wide, expansive temporary vehicle storage yards. Customer needs for vehicle location management systems had been increasing, and TOPPAN FORMS developed this product in order to cater to such needs.

Future Plans

TOPPAN FORMS plans to sell the new tagging system to companies—primarily in the automotive industry—that are considering the use of UHF-range RFID tagging systems, and expects to achieve sales of around ¥100 million by FY2017.


Product name Location Management RFID Tag (Monza4QT)
Tag dimensions 109mm × 109mm, thickness 7.5mm
Supported chip Impinj Monza4QT Dura
Conformity to standards Conforms to ISO18000-6C (EPC Global C1G2)
EPC memory 128bits
User memory 512bits
Operating frequency 915.7 ~ 921.5MHz
Possible number of writes to memory Approx. 100,000 times
Memory retention period 50 years
Transmission distance/range Approx. 1.2m*3
(Measured on asphalt using Asterisk-manufactured reader/writer ASX-300R, with 200mW output power)
Waterproof performance rating IPX7

  • *1 May differ depending on method of use
  • *2 Patent pending
  • *3 Transmission distances given are actual recorded values (not guaranteed values).
  • ※ Toppan Forms currently has a pending trademark registration application for the term “DigitalHybrid.”
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