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  • GCC & TOPPAN FORMS to Launch Decorative Printing Service Using Silver Salt Inks to Achieve a Mirror-like Glossy Finish with Inkjet Printers

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GCC & TOPPAN FORMS to Launch Decorative Printing Service Using Silver Salt Inks to Achieve a Mirror-like Glossy Finish with Inkjet Printers

September 5, 2017



GRAPHIC CREATION Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Tomi City, Nagano; President & CEO: Nobutaka Matsunaga; GCC hereunder) has announced that it is to launch a high-gloss decorative printing service using inkjet printers. Upon the launch of the service, TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (headquarterd in Minato-ku, Tokyo; President : Koichi Sakata; TOPPAN FORMS hereunder) will be selling and supplying silver salt based inkjet inks to GCC.

The new service anables a mirror-like gloss effect and fine-detailed expression of intricate designs


As the interests and hobbies of consumers continue to diversify, demand for the production of original merchandise—including industrial products, miscellanous lifestyle goods and novely items—printed with decorative designs is increasing. In such decorative printing, firms make particularly widespread use of inkjet printing in order to cater to needs for high-quality, low-volume printing of many different designs at low cost, and with a quick response/turnaround time. However, since in the past there were no decorative inks for inkjet printers that could achieve a superior, mirror-like glossy finish, there was an issue with regard to how such dazzling decorative designs could be achieved with inkjet printers. While alternative techniques such as gilding (or leaf stamping) do exist, there are various issues limiting their use (e.g. they require the creation of a mould or die, entail long delivery periods, and cannot be used to cover wide areas).
On this occasion, in order to resolve these issses and expand their target market, GCC (which runs an original merchandise printing service business) has adopted TOPPAN FORMS’ silver salt inkjet inks, and now plans to launch a high-gloss decorative printing service. This new ink enables inkjet printing with a mirror-like glossy finish that was not achieveable with conventional silver inks, making it possible to achieve luxurious and glittering finishes on various products; including miscellaneous goods, toys, household appliances, labels, posters and signboards.
In preparation of the launch of this new service, GCC will be conducting printing demonstrations at the GCC booth at the 56th Tokyo International Premium Incentive Show Autum 2017, to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from September 6 to September 8, 2017.
In preparation for the launch of this service, TOPPAN FORMS developed silver salt inkjet inks using the company’s own proprietory method. In contrast with conventional commerically-avilable silver inks, the new inks were devised in such a way as to enable a mirror-like glossy finish to be obtained by the application of a post-printing coloring process.


  • 1. Enables decorative printing with a mirror-like high-gloss finish
  • 2. Facilitates low-volume decorative inkjet printing of numerous designs
  • 3. Increases design options by enabling metallic colorings (gold, etc.) by printing with colored ink overlays

Future Development

The service is set to begin in October. As a creative company that is constantly seeking to provide technologies that are one step ahead, GCC will be proactively developing and launching high-gloss decorative printing services.
In addition to selling and supplying silver salt inkjet inks to GCC, TOPPAN FORMS will continue to drive forward its business operations in this field, with a possible view to supplying its inks to inkjet printer manufactuers in the future.

Reference information

■About GRAPHIC Creation Co., Ltd. (GCC)
Based primarily around its original merchandise printing business, GCC is expanding into wider markets with the latest inkjet technologies; with a core focus on functional inks that are finding uses for a wide and varied range of applications. With its self-built network/community linking designers and creators from around the world with Japan, GCC aims to become a pioneer of mass customization.
TOPPAN FORMS is an information management solutions company, that optimizes the communication of customers’ information based on technologies and know-how developed in areas such as business forms and data print services. TOPPAN FORMS is engaged in the development of various businesses with a core focus on information, including the fusion of printed materials and electronic documents, information media such as RFID and IC, and the development of products applying printed electronics technologies.
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