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  • TOPPAN FORMS Develops High-speed Rewritable Battery-less Electronic Paper Labels that Enable Conveyer Speeds of Around 3 Times Faster Than Existing Methods

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TOPPAN FORMS Develops High-speed Rewritable Battery-less Electronic Paper Labels that Enable Conveyer Speeds of Around 3 Times Faster Than Existing Methods

September 12, 2017

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (TOPPAN FORMS hereunder), with the cooperation of Takaya Corporation (headquartered in Ibara City, Okayama; President & CEO: Ryuji Okamoto; Takaya hereunder), has developed a high-speed method for rewriting the displays of battery-less electronic paper labels. The new method enables rewriting of labels even at conveyer speeds of up to 20m/minute (around three times faster than existing methods offered by TOPPAN FORMS); eliminating the need for reducing the speed of and/or stopping conveyors as was necessary in the past. By catering to the strong demands of customers to increase label writing speeds, TOPPAN FORMS expects to see an increase in the use of battery-less electronic paper labels for a wide range of applications, focusing primarily around corporate in-house logistics and distribution sorting markets.

TR3-LA7412 long antenna and improved electronic paper label


TOPPAN FORMS has so far developed battery-free electronic paper labels that enable display rewriting and data retention, without the need for batteries. These labels have been adopted by numerous customers, primarily in the manufacturing industry. Electronic paper labels allow rewriting of display information by wireless communication, eliminating the need for physical re-labelling on a case-by-case basis as would be necessary with conventional paper labels, and making it possible to transport cargo with the labels permanently or semi-permanently affixed to the container. These labels are effective not only in reducing the costs of conventional (i.e. non-reusable) paper labels, but also in reducing personnel costs associated with re-labelling tasks, and preventing the occurrence of losses due to mistakes in the re-labelling process.
As demand for electronic paper labels increases, so too has the number of demands from customers to increase the speed of rewriting; and to enable rewriting of display data on electronic paper labels that are already affixed to containers as they move along a conveyor. In response to these demands, TOPPAN FORMS has improved its electronic paper labels by increasing internal data processing speeds and shortening the driving waveforms used to rewrite label data; while Takaya—with its wide-ranging knowledge of RFID reader/writers—has developed a new long antenna (model number: TR3-LA7412, dimensions: W758 x H180 x D33mm) designed specifically for electrical power supply and communication with electronic paper labels during conveyance. Combined use of these two technologies enables rewriting of display data on electronic paper labels on a moving conveyor at speeds of up to 20m/minute.


  • 1. Battery-less electronic paper labels enable rewriting of label data even while moving at conveyer speeds of up to 20m/minute, at transmission ranges of up to 10cm.
  • 2. Battery-less electronic paper labels and TR3-LA7412 long antenna conform to the ISO/IEC15693 international standard for HF-band vicinity card communications.
  • 3. The TR3-LA7412 long antenna has obtained type designation under the Japanese Radio Act, meaning that user license/registration applications are not required in order to use it.
  • 4. The labels are capable of displaying barcodes, numbers, roman-alphabetic characters, and Japanese katakana characters.

Future Roadmap

Moving forward, TOPPAN FORMS will continue to propose this product to customers in cooperation with Takaya; aiming to sell 300,000 labels by fiscal 2020, with a primary focus on manufacturing, logistics and distribution-related applications.

*“DigitalHybrid” is a registered trademark of TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD.

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