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  • TOPPAN FORMS and MTES Enter into Capital and Business Partnership in IoT Field Promoting development of IoT solutions combining LoRa wireless platform and RFID

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TOPPAN FORMS and MTES Enter into Capital and Business Partnership in IoT Field
Promoting development of IoT solutions combining LoRa wireless platform and RFID

October 27, 2017

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (hereinafter "TOPPAN FORMS") is pleased to announce that it has formed a capital and business partnership with MTES Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Managing Director: Takaro Harada; hereinafter "MTES"), and that it will also own part of the capital increase through a third-party allocation conducted by MTES.
MTES provides IoT solutions utilizing LoRa*1, a wireless platform capable of long-range transmission with low power consumption, in the energy and nursing fields. TOPPAN FORMS provides IoT solutions mainly in the field of highly functional and high-quality RFID through research and development and manufacturing in Japan. By combining TOPPAN FORMS’ radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and MTES’s LoRa technology, this partnership aims to promote the development of more widely applicable and one-of-a-kind IoT solutions and enhance the IT innovation business.

*1: LoRa is a type of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) communication standard that covers a wide range with lower power consumption and mainly utilizes the 920MHz band in Japan.

Objectives of the partnership and its future development

This capital and business partnership aims to develop and provide IoT solutions that can be applied to a broad range of fields including the manufacturing, logistics, medical and nursing fields by combining the advantages of both companies.
The LoRa technology of MTES features robust connections, high security and superb area coverage and data capacity. In the meantime, TOPPAN FORMS is capable of developing and providing a wide variety of high-quality RFID tags tailored to the usage environment of each customer through its proprietary antenna design technology.
The two companies will promote the development and provision of highly scalable IoT solutions capable of carrying out processes ranging from data acquisition to data interchange with high-order systems in a highly secure environment by taking advantage of the strengths of both companies. Through the creation of the new business foundation, TOPPAN FORMS aims to achieve sales of 3.5 billion yen in FY2020 in the related business.

* "DigitalHybrid" is a registered trademark of TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD.
* Other products indicated are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.

Reference Information

■ About MTES Co., Ltd.
  • Company name
    MTES Co., Ltd.
  • Representative
    Managing Director: Takaro Harada
  • Founded
    March 2015
  • Capital
    140,575,000 yen
  • Head office location
    MIYAMA Building 8F, 1-8-2 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • Business description
    EMS (energy management service) business
    Development, manufacturing and sales of environment-related products
    Rooftop solar photovoltaic business
    IoT solution business
    Development and sales of CNT environment-related products
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