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  • TOPPAN FORMS Starts Offering a Service that Optimizes the Risk Sensitivity Database for Increasing a Sense of Crisis and Urging Actions for Risk-Avoidance

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TOPPAN FORMS Starts Offering a Service that Optimizes the Risk Sensitivity Database for Increasing a Sense of Crisis and Urging Actions for Risk-Avoidance

January 16, 2018

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (“TOPPAN FORMS”) is pleased to announce that it will start offering a service that uses the Risk Sensitivity Database to optimize risk appeals aimed at properly communicating risks about matters such as health and money to respective consumers.

There are cases in which the person in question and people on the notifying side eventually suffer disadvantages unless the person takes an action urged in notices, such as visiting a medical institution for a checkup and paying a bill, even though people tend to delay such actions, because they feel cumbersome and busy. TOPPAN FORMS developed this service under the thinking that correspond with the risk sensitivity of each recipient essential to take action immediately after the receipt of such notice. The Risk Sensitivity Database is an original database built by TOPPAN FORMS based on its own quantitative surveys. The database contains pigeonholed data about sensitivities or how members of different generations and genders, and people with diverse values view risks. With this service, TOPPAN FORMS will compare customer data kept by customers with the Risk Sensitivity Database, and analyze and classify it from various perspectives. TOPPAN FORMS will optimize the details of propositions to respective customers and help to achieve the communication objectives by inducing points that make risks sensible to customers in each respective category.

Background of service development

Traditionally, customer segmentation has been implemented and the optimal proposition method for each customer has been studied in marketing fields such as retailing and services. At the same time, in many cases, administrative messages have invariably been sent to all recipients to communicate risks, such as those mentioned above. The absence of appropriate risk communication and the resulting lack of action have been problematic.

TOPPAN FORMS will help customers to optimize communications on occasions where risks are adivesed, making the most of its knowledge about straightforward communications fostered through administrative communications, ledgers and forms and its knowledge of action encouragement cultivated through many years of direct mail research.

Future development

TOPPAN FORMS will keep studying messages and designs that are able to communicate risks in fields, such as gaze measurement, other behavioral sciences and brain science, and pursue methods of risk information suitable for each recipient. TOPPAN FORMS aims to secure five corporate customers for this service by the end of the current fiscal year, proposing the use of the service for analyzing data and improving designs.
Moreover, TOPPAN FORMS will realize more detailed analysis and creative development, combining this new service with its existing original services, such as Ugocus Engine*1 and Area Style*2.

  • *1 Ugocus Engine is an original database for consumer design preferences owned by TOPPAN FORMS. Ugocus Engine groups customers into 15 clusters based on their design preferences. The database enables users to propose optimum design tastes, layouts and copy for attracting attention. Ugocus Engine was developed to realize the kind of communication that provides intuitive comfort to customers at their points of contact with companies, such as print media, websites and smartphones. Customers in industries such as banking and manufacturing are using this database.
  • *2 Area Style is an analytical database that can add estimated lifestyles linked to addresses with customer information. The database enables users to analyze customers, taking their attributes into consideration, such as the living environment and criteria for value judgment.

■ Information about LABOLIS
At LABOLIS, TOPPAN FORMS finds and plans optimized solutions with customers for project issues concerning customer communication through services that employ a scientific approach, such as consumer surveys based on questionnaires, gaze measurement and customer data analysis.
Please visit the following site for details.

  • * DigitalHybrid, Ugocus and LABOLIS are registered trademarks of TOPPAN FORMS.
  • * TOPPAN FORMS has applied for the registration of the Risk Sensitivity Database as a trademark. The trademark is currently pending.
  • * Other product names and the like stated above are the registered trademarks or trademarks of respective companies.
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