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TOPPAN FORMS Launches Gate-type RFID Reader that Can Read Multiple RFID Tags at Once

January 30, 2018

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. ("TOPPAN FORMS") is pleased to announce today with Maspro Denkoh Corp. (Head Office: Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture; President & Representative Director: Yoshimasa Hashiyama) the joint development and release of the gate-type RFID reader (patent pending) that can read multiple RFID tags attached to goods under inspection at once without opening the boxes, simply by passing the boxes through the gate for one or two seconds, resulting in streamlined inspection work at the time of acceptance and delivery and more.
The gate-type RFID reader prevents radio wave leakage by trapping the radio waves emitted from the highly directional antennas in a specific area in the tunnel-shaped metal chassis to accurately read the RFID tags that are passing through the gate. This can help to reduce the amount of personnel required for individual item management accompanied by the acceptance/delivery work and inspection work conventionally done by reading each barcode.


With the recent penetration of IoT, demand for RFID tags, which can add a communication function to goods, is growing. At the current logistics sites, individual items are managed using barcodes. However, as the inspection work and more is time-consuming because each barcode needs to be read, streamlining the work is an issue.
On the other hand, one of the reasons why the RFID system had not penetrated logistics sites is the problem of mis-reading, which means the system reads not only targeted RFID tags, but also distant RFID tags. Because each RFID tag attached to a good must be read without error for individual item management in the logistics industry, this mis-reading was a major barrier to the introduction of RFID. To solve this issue, we have developed the "gate-type RFID reader," which can manage individual items by only reading the RFID tags in a specific area.


  • 1. Reading within a specific area is possible even if the intensity of radio waves is increased.
    Prevents radio waves from being leaked outside of the targeted area by trapping the radio waves emitted from the highly directional antennas in a tunnel-shaped metal chassis*1..
  • 2. Inspection work is streamlined by reading the RFID tags in the gate at once without error.
    Inspection of a batch without unpacking is possible using UHF-band RFID tags.
  • 3. Downsized, small footprint, which is light and can be moved more easily than before.
    Small footprint is realized by downsizing. Because it is light in weight, it is easier to change the lines for installation.
  • 4. Installation work is not required because it is an integrated unit.
    The antennas and reader are integrated, which eliminates the need for installation work, unlike conventional gate readers, and reduces installation costs.
  • 5. Adjustment function makes it easier to start operation on site.
    The positions of the antennas can be adjusted easily by turning the adjustment handle.
    Therefore, the reader can adapt to changes in the size of goods. Customers can adjust the reading performance even if they do not have special skills.

Future Direction

TOPPAN FORMS will promote introduction of the gate-type RFID reader to logistics sites where shipment/inspection work of apparel and medical materials and acceptance/delivery work of rental goods and others are carried out, aiming to contribute to penetration of IoT in logistics sites.
TOPPAN FORMS will aim for 1.2 billion yen in gate-type RFID reader-related sales, including the accompanying RFID tags and systems by 2020.

Product Specifications

Product name Gate-type RFID reader
External diameter 730 (W) × 1,010 (D) × 625 (H) mm *2
Internal diameter 503 (W) × 488 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 43 kg
R/W Made by IMPINJ Model No. IPJ-REV-R420-JP2
Number of antennas 3
Radio wave method 920-MHz band radio equipment for the radio station in the RFID
Input power AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 3W at standby, Approx. 11.5 W at normal state
Operating temperature range -20 to 50°C
Operating humidity range 5 to 95% (no condensation)
Storage temperature range -20 to 50°C
Storage humidity range 5 to 95% (no condensation)
Load capacity (on the top) 5 kg or less *3
Load capacity (in the gate) 5 kg/100 cm2
RoHS Support 10 substances specified in RoHS Directive
Conveyance mechanism Antistatic flat slider
  • * Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • *1 Effects may be limited depending on the operating environment and the target item to be read.
  • *2 The dimensions including the slope are 730 (W) × 1,270 (D) × 625 (H) mm.
    Slope length is 130 mm on one side (260 mm on both sides).
  • *3 The top panel has a load capacity that allows placement of a notebook.
  • * "DigitalHybrid" is a registered trademark of TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD.
  • * The names of other products and so on shown in this document are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.
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