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  • TOPPAN FORMS Demonstrates Effectiveness of Wearing MechaCool Refrigerant Vest for Maintaining Concentration, Verified in Cerebral Function Test Conducted in High-Temperature, High-Humidity Environment

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TOPPAN FORMS Demonstrates Effectiveness of Wearing MechaCool Refrigerant Vest for Maintaining Concentration,
Verified in Cerebral Function Test Conducted in High-Temperature, High-Humidity Environment

April 10, 2019

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (“TOPPAN FORMS” hereunder) has been accelerating its initiative for neuromarketing by conducting tests measuring cerebral function.
It conducted a cerebral function test concerning a refrigerant vest that supports the high-performance refrigerant, MechaCool (“MechaCool Refrigerant Vest,” hereunder). TOPPAN FORMS verified that (1) when a person wears a MechaCool Refrigerant Vest continuously, concentration on work can be maintained as a biological reaction, even if the person wearing it does not consciously sense the coolness; (2) after the person takes off the MechaCool Refrigerant Vest, concentration on work cannot be maintained.
In this test, under the supervision of Dr. Masafumi Nakagawa, professor at the School of Medicine of International University of Health and Welfare, cerebral reactions (in the frontal lobe) and others were measured in a person wearing or not wearing the MechaCool Refrigerant Vest in a high-temperature, high-humidity environment, using near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS).

MechaCool is a high-performance refrigerant capable of maintaining a constant temperature range, and enables the transport of articles at a constant temperature through its use in combination with the dedicated refrigerant box, enabling the temperature to remain in an appropriate range. In addition, TOPPAN FORMS has been developing and selling a refrigerant vest capable of installing MechaCool as a heat-proof and heat-related illness proof product. The vest is capable of maintaining the coolness for four consecutive hours, even at an outdoor temperature of about 40°C. Countermeasures against heat will become increasingly important for international outdoor sporting events; thus demand for this product is expected to grow. In addition to the above, TOPPAN FORMS conducted a cerebral function test to examine the effect of this product from the new perspective of concentration on work.

Test Procedures and Cerebral Reactions

The testing environment was a thermostatic chamber in which the wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT)*2 was set within a range from 31℃ to 37℃ (room temperature: 35℃ to 39℃, relative humidity: 55% to 75%). The MechaCool Refrigerant Vest was worn by the subjects (nine subjects). The test was conducted in the first half and the second half. The subjects were requested to perform work, such as easy calculations, and the reactions were compared.

As a result of the comparison between Group A (subjects who continued to wear the MechaCool Refrigerant Vest) and Group B (subjects who wore the MechaCool Refrigerant Vest only in the first half), strong reactions were observed in Group A in the second half, showing that the brains of the subjects were active (indicated in red in Fig. 1). In Group B, after taking off the MechaCool Refrigerant Vest in the second half, the reactions were weak and the brains of the subjects were less active (indicated in blue in Fig. 1). In general, the cerebral activity in the frontal lobe is activated when a person intensely concentrates or has a high interest in work. Accordingly, concentration is maintained by continuously wearing the MechaCool Refrigerant Vest, although it cannot be maintained if the vest is taken off in the middle of the work.

Future Development

Recently, heat countermeasures and heat-related illness countermeasures in summer have become major social issues, which is an urgent issue for people working outdoors in extreme heat.
TOPPAN FORMS originally developed the MechaCool Refrigerant Vest to prevent heat-releated illness for people working in extreme heat. In the test conducted above, it was demonstrated that the MechaCool Refrigerant Vest is effective not only in terms of physical aspects but also in terms of the mental aspect of concentration. It is obvious that maintaining concentration on the job is important for improving productivity, preventing mistakes and following safety measures.
TOPPAN FORMS will continue to offer temperature control solutions for comfortable work in high-temperature environments. In addition, we will continue to conduct demonstrative research from the perspective of neuromarketing and offer solutions for social issues and marketing tasks for corporations.

■ For detailed information about MechaCool and MechaCool Refrigerant Vest, visit the following address.
URL: https://www.toppan-f.co.jp/mechacool/en/

  • *1 Based on research by TOPPAN FORMS. The subject wore the refrigerant vest in a room with a temperature of 40℃. In the examination test, the subject wore a jacket over the refrigerant vest, and the contact temperature between the refrigerant and the body of the subjects was measured.
  • *2 The wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) is an index that focuses on the transfer of heat between a human body and the outside air (heat balance) and considers the impact of the following factors on the heat balance of a human body: (1) humidity; (2) surrounding thermal environments such as radiation and emissions; and (3) temperature (from the Heat Illness Prevention Information website of the Ministry of the Environment).
    For details, visit the Heat Illness Prevention Information website of the Ministry of the Environment.
    URL: http://www.wbgt.env.go.jp/en/wbgt_lp.php
  • * “DigitalHybrid” is a registered trademark of TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD.
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