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  • TOPPAN FORMS Conducts Technical Test of Platform Service Supporting Data Distribution and Distributes Housing Loan Guarantee Examination Model as the First Service Offered

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TOPPAN FORMS Conducts Technical Test of Platform Service Supporting Data Distribution and Distributes Housing Loan Guarantee Examination Model as the First Service Offered

May 13, 2019


DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & COO: Koichi Sakata; “TOPPAN FORMS” hereunder) and ZEROBILLBANK JAPAN Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Junichi Horiguchi; “ZBB” hereunder) are pleased to announce that they have completed the technical test of a mechanism for securely storing and managing private and confidential information while securing the convenience of blockchains (distributed ledgers) to facilitate information sharing.
The technical test investigated the technology for associating necessary information with an environment managed by a different management body by securely associating data input to the service of a service provider from the block chain of ZBB to the personal data store (PDS) of TOPPAN FORMS without propagating private information to the blockchain itself.
The first technical test focused on whether data input by a user can be safely and appropriately sorted and distributed in the housing loan advance examination model that uses the AI of ZENKOKU HOSHO Co., Ltd. (“ZENKOKU HOSHO” hereunder). Specifically, we conducted a technical test on whether the data, including the private information and the asset status necessary for housing loan examination input by a user, can be managed by an address representing the location of the information in the PDS which can be browsed and used only by the service providers with appropriate authority without distributing the data itself in the blockchain.

ZENKOKU HOSHO will consider the introduction of a service that uses this mechanism and believes that the following effects can be expected for property companies and users.
- Property companies: Housing loan examinations at the office counter will be simplified and it will enable offers of optimum proposals based on the examination results
- Users: Allows to select the optimum housing loan with guarantee certification by a guarantee institution


ZBB, ZENKOKU HOSHO and Knowledge Communication Co., Ltd., have been conducting research and development concerning housing loan examination guarantees that use AI and the distributed ledger technology concerning the structure of application flows. By examining the effects and developing it into a service, it was necessary to examine the mechanism capable of distributing information by sorting data such as private information from data registered by users.
Accordingly, in conducting the technical examination with the participation of TOPPAN FORMS in cooperation with ZBB in the data distribution field, a platform was structured in which the blockchain of ZBB and the PDS of TOPPAN FORMS are mutually associated and thus established a new mechanism capable of storing private information in a highly secure environment.

Future development

In different use cases in the data distribution business, we will advance technical tests, benefit test and requirement definitions and developments for developing this technology into a service and build a platform that is capable of securely and simply sharing data without requiring a variety of related companies to conduct large-scale system development, aiming to launch the service by April 2020.

Corporate Profiles


TOPPAN FORMS boasts strengths in the information domain centered on information and has been supporting activities of corporations by contributing to the improvement of operation efficiency. By using our strengths accumulated in the information domain, we have been making efforts to create new value as a DigitalHybrid Company capable of offering products and services in both analog and digital aspects.


ZEROBILLBANK JAPAN is a startup company that develops and offers the ZBB CORE, which is a service for issuing and managing corporate tokens using blockchain technology. ZBB CORE is easily associated with outside systems, capable of early achievement of cloud servers, IoT devices and affiliation companies while maintaining the existing systems of companies, and enables the cooperative creation of businesses with minimized development load. ZBB has been conducting initiatives for automating solutions for work-style reform, management of ledgers for business transactions among multiple companies and the association of customers' systems with outside services. ZBB has been supporting the cooperative creation of businesses by merging new value chains centered on the new businesses of large companies.

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