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  • Cutting down processing time and contributing to cross-sectional and group operation management. The latest version of DocValue Contents, the forms management cloud, completes user registration in 10 seconds

Press Releases

Cutting down processing time and contributing to cross-sectional and group operation management
The latest version of DocValue Contents, the forms management cloud, completes user registration in 10 seconds

Feb 6, 2020

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS. CO., LTD. (hereinafter “TOPPAN FORMS”) is pleased to announce that on February 6 it will launch DocValue Contents Ver.2, the latest service that centralizes the management of huge amounts of information, such as the forms data and images handled within a company, on the cloud.
This service provides new functions, such as TOPPAN FORMS's proprietary Drive (folder management) and group authority management. Drive enables collective group settings for ranges of management authority to share stratified content. This drastically cuts down user registration time (from five minutes to ten seconds during the in-house verification). It will improve operating efficiency for a cross-sectional group including members from cooperating companies or other external entities. It is also equipped with smart search (enhanced content search function) and electronic proofreading services, increasing the efficiency of paperless operations.

Drive structure

Drive structure

Features (New functions)

  • 1. Drive (Folder management)
    Drive enables stratified management of the content. It is able to give management authority collectively to a group, contributing to cross-sectional management involving external members. This function has never been seen previously in any other TOPPAN FORMS services or in those of its competitors.
  • 2. Smart search
    The two types of search functions, full text search and structured search, increase the convenience. TOPPAN FORMS was first to use both the search functions simultaneously to its service.
  • 3. Electronic proofreading
    It contributes to the paperless proofreading process combining a PDF Reader and workflow. It is no longer necessary to print out document to be proofread when tasking several people, including external members, with proofreading, enabling it to be done on a PC screen.


Forms are often revised due to social factors, such as legal revisions, changes in the name of an era, changes in the consumption tax rate and changes in corporate rules. The responsibility on management and the revisions and costs place a heavy burden on companies. In addition, because the production and revision of forms is conducted by many related persons, such as multiple divisions within a company and a production company, they have issues related to managing forms data and sharing the contents to be used.
TOPPAN FORMS estimates that, while it previously took one to two days to inquire about the latest version of documents managed by related parties, such as multiple divisions within a company or a production company, when a person mails a request, DocValue Contents completes this in five seconds utilizing centralized management and multiple search functions. While visual inspection can take ten days during the revision of rules, DocValue Contents completes this in one day through its full text search function, displaying lists of results. When visual proofreading takes 25 hours to complete, DocValue Contents can finish proofreading the same content in 8.4 hours utilizing its image difference and phrase difference functions.

DocValue Contents is recommended for the following customers:

  • 1. Those with lots of paper-based forms and data, such as advertisements
  • 2. Those with editing operations that involve multiple members or companies.
  • 3. Those who have been unable to centralize the management of resources such as forms and advertisement data.
  • 4. Those that frequently revise printed materials and have issues related to proofreading risks and the like.
  • 5. Those that conduct analog proofreading procedures using paper and mail, regardless of internal or external operations.

Future development

TOPPAN FORMS will expand sales of DocValue Contents Ver. 2 to financial institutions, governmental organizations and local governments, where frequent revision of forms is necessary, and companies in the manufacturing, service and medical industries, where form management can be problematic.
The sale price is an initial 4 million yen (excluding tax and optional expenses) with a monthly payment of 300,000 yen (excluding tax). DocValue Contents Ver. 2 offers up to 1 TB of storage. TOPPAN FORMS aims to achieve its sales goal of 100 licenses (accumulated total from 2018) and 1 billion yen by 2021.

  • * Files containing personal information cannot be registered in DocValue Contents.
  • * "DigitalHybrid" and "DocValue" are registered trademarks of TOPPAN FORMS. CO., LTD.
  • * Other written product names are the registered trademarks or brands of each company.
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