Background & Proposals

The cost of frozen vehicles and fuel is an issue in the distribution world. Efficient 3 temp band delivery is now considered among them.
1st step is that frozen and chilled vehicles are to be integrated into chilled cars using MechaCool & MechCool Box, then 3 types of vehicles to be integrated into one ambient car which reduces delivery cost dramatically. The point is just use MechaCool system, then you don't have to use frozen or chilled vehicles any more.

New frozen distribution: Brandnew concept

From 3 deliveries to 2 deliveries, then 1 delivery Improving delivering efficiency will bring you reduction of fuel cost, carbon dioxide, nitrogen-oxide and particle materials. /

※Note: Reduction effects of cost, carbon dioxide differes by distribution conditions.

MechaCool PCM & MechCool Box will enable you to reduce frozen vehicles.

Lifetime of MechaCool PCM is relatively longer than traditional PCM, you'll be able to reduce low-fuel-efficient-frozen cars, keeping consistent temp quility avoiding fluctuation by door open/close.

2temp band delivery box

  • Folding container
    Folding container
  • Folded

Improve 3 temp band delivery: delivering frozen & chilled products in one box in ambient temp.

PCM: MechaCool -18C only (No other temp type)
It will keep each temp band (frozen/chilled) avoiding miss-operation.

2 temp band delivery (atmospheric temp: 12℃)

2 temp band delivery (atmospheric temp: 25℃)

2 temp band delivery (atmospheric temp: 40℃)

Introduced case: Cool delivery service of food

Delivery services by net-shopping are expanding business volume now. Keeping temp of fresh/frozen foods is the critical issue. Our 2 temp band delivery system has been introduced to a customer.

Distinctive points

1. Two rooms in one container (regisered design)

Being able to deliver frozen/chilled foods in one box could reduce cost.

2. PCM: MechaCool

Same type of PCM for both rooms (frozen/chilled) to be used, so easy to operate avoiding miss-operation.

3. Ambient delivery

Two temp band of frozen & chilled in one ambient car.