There's no need of expensive frozen vehicles if we can afford to deliver frozen & chilled goods by a set of MechaCools.
If you have MechaCool Box which enables long hour delivery with strict temp control, then the medical delivery world will be changed. Should there be a method to deliver fresh fish products keeping their freshness for long hours, you'll be able to distribute your local fish Brand nationally by air freight.


We have MechaCool -18°C, which is for frozen products, and other temp types which will keep appropriate temps effectively for long hours.

Revolutional ability of keeping specific temp band for long hours
You will be able to keep the temp for longer hours if you introduce mechaCool Box which is our original Brand of cool containers.* We have various types of containers:
Volume: Standard size of 24L to 70L, smaller size of 10L, larger size of 1,000L and above.
Hour: Several hours ~ 72 hours and over
We will propose best solution based on your needs.
*Note: According to our research. It depends on delivery conditions.
Optimum type of PCM is available for quality control.
MechaCool has various temp types from -25°C to +18°C as shown below. You will be able to control at appropriate temp range of each product.
HIGH-SPEC PCM: MechaCool Temp Line-up
HIGH-SPEC PCM: MechaCool Temp Line-up

Note: Conditioning temp to freeze PCM is genrrally 10 degrees below the phase point. In the case of general PCM -18°C type, we need to keep it below -28°C. As for MechaCool -18°C, the conditoning temp is to be below -23°C, as it is developed with our high level of R&D. So general freezing warehouse which will keep -25°C will be OK. ※We will manufacture PCM upon your order. We usually have no stocks. ※The temp shown as name does not guarantee keeping temp of the products but just for reference. ※MechaCool +3°C has been replaced by MechaCool -2°C. No change of ingredients/performance.
HIGH-SPEC PCM: MechaCool Size Line-up




※Note: Sizes of +5°C and +18°C to be inquired.
※The above specs may be changed without notice.
※New packet size other than the above would be available. Ask for more information.

HIGH-SPEC Container: MechaCool Box

The combination of MechaCool Box and PCM will keep the desired temp for longer hours.

We will supply custom-made container to meet each customer's need.
- Insulator: VIP, High-EPS, Standard EPS
- Thickness of insulator: 30mm/50mm, other thickness also available
- Size: Standard 24L-70L and over 1,000L available
For long-hour/round delivery
The insulation value is high, so the fixed box is suitable for long-hour delivery.
Folding container + VIP
For short-hour/one-way delivery
The container is a folding type, so it saves empty space in return delivery. Keeping hour is shorter due to low R-Value.
メカクール専用高機能保冷箱 断熱材種別特徴
メカクール専用高機能保冷箱 断熱材種別特徴

*Note: Shipping hours may vary by shipping conditions. The hours shown are just for your reference to know which insulator suits your requirement.
HIGH-SPEC Container: MechaCool Box Features by type of insulator
HIGH-SPEC Container: MechaCool Box Features by type of insulator

*Note: The above specs may be changed without notice.