Healthcare delivery requires strict temp control and its delivery conditions vary by customers. MechaCool will address the issues by optimum combination of high-spec products/devices.

Background & Proposals

Medical delivery requires strict temp control. For example: To keep 2-8 ℃ for 48 hours regardless of atmospheric temp. TF has focused on developing PCM and container to address the issues.

There are various needs for healthcare logistics: medicine, investigational product, reagent, specime and etc. We will provide optimum solution with combination of PCM & containers. We also propose solutions for bio-medical and medical equipments delivery. We would offer special containers with small box inside to control temp strictly.

outer carton、inner carton

Test results

Temperature related accidents are relative to the complexity of operation

There are various issues pertaining to transporting blood samples and medical drugs
that need strict temperature management.

If the PCM is used right after it has been taken out from the refrigerator, the temperature inside the cool box

becomes excessively low causing over freezing of products. To prevent this issue, the refrigerant has to be
adjusted to appropriate temperature which is not easy.

The temperature decreases gradually even after the PCM
have been taken out from the refrigerator which is effective
for constant temperature sustainability.

The innovative PCM is only paraffin type substance that is
not classified as flammable. It is hence safe to use for air
cargo transportation.

Type, quantity, and setting of PCM have to be adjusted in accordance with the ambient temperature of
the day. It may cause judgment mistakes related to temperature.

To sustain or lengthen refrigeration time, excessively large and heavy cool box is used which takes up space and increase transportation cost.

*Note: Each figure may be changed without notice.