Toppan Forms has provided Invoice forms of deliveries and developed tracking system with records of temp. We are happy to propose total tracking system with PCM, container and other related devices including data communication units. Ask for more information: Toppan Forms Group Network.

Any Issues/problems?:1. Needs time and are troublesome checking in/out.2. Opening boxes/containers to check temp may influence temp inside.3. Don't know whether the temp has been kept or not.4.Active tug which has longer read range is not accepted by air-freight.5. Some boxes has been lost.6. Would like to check the temp, humidity and impact data.

Our proposal: MechaCool Tracking System:1. Automatic in/out records by MechaCool Box with RFID tug and reader.2. Able to check the inside temp without opening boxes by RFID tug with temp sensor.3. Could check temp at anytime. Note1 4. Air freight with RFID system is possible by short read range RFID type. Note2 5.Find the location by RFID system with GPS function. 6.Any necessary information of temp, humidity, impact and other data by sensors.

※Note 1: Conform with ISO 15189 ※Note 2: Conform with RTCA DO-160 Section 21

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Started to provide "traceability temperature management services"
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