Temp ranges are different by category/product: Chocolate: 0-18°C, Lunch box: 2°-ambient temp, Chilled/green vegitables: 0-10°C, medical: 2-8°C, Ice cream/frozen food: -18°C or below, frozen bun: -20°C or below. Frozen food/Ice cream are kept cool by dry ice but it may be damaged by carbon dioxide. Frozen vehicles are not always cost effective because they are not full loaded at all time.

MechaCool, high-spec PCM, covers wide range of temp, and MechaCool Box with high insulation value will solve the problems above.

Cost simulation: Replace dry ice with MechaCool PCM(Phase Change Material)

1. Dry ice: 100kg/day, 100yen/kg/pc
2. MechaCool: 120kg/day, 1,000yen/kg/pc
   of frozen MechaCool, it requires 3 days to freeze MechaCool(48 hours).
3. Freezer: Three freezers (1,200,000yen each, 1.139kwh, 112pcs MechaCool capacity)
▼Initial Investment
MechaCool PCM: 1,000yen x 120 pcs x 3 days + 1,200,000yen x 3=3,960,000yen
Dry Ice: 0yen
▼Daily expenditure
MechaCool PCM: Electricity: 1.139kw x 3 x 24h x 13yen/kw=1,066yen/day
Dry Ice: 100yen x 100kg=10,000yen/day

Accumulated Cost Simulation (MechaCool v.s. Dry ice)

Replacing dry ice with MechaCool PCM:
・Accumulated cost of dry ice will be over within 15 months compared with that of MechaCool.
・You can save 6,010,000yen in three years if you introduce MechaCool istead of dry ice.
※Note: The simulation is just an example. Each cost differes by conditions. Detail information to be inquired.

Test results

EPS Containers
If EPS container has been used and to be continously used, you could keep it frozen by MechaCool instead of dry ice. MechaCool will save cost of dry ice because MechaCool will be repeatedly used for years. We will simulate cost if you would like us to.
Temp Inside (Dry ice v.s. MechaCool)
MechaCool Box, high-spec container
If you need to keep the temp for longer hours or much of volume to be delivered, we would recommend to use MechaCool Box. We will provide any types from VIP to EPS as well as any sizes.
Temp Inside (EPS v.s. MechaCool Box)