Background & Proposals

Dry ice used to be the main refrigerant for cool delivery because it enables to keep things very low temp and is "disposable." However, cosumption of dry ice is considerable as it is non-reusable, and it is treated as hazardous items when delivered by Air, we have to bear high delivery cost. Taste/Flavor of Fish/Farm products may be badly affected is also the issue of dry ice.

Proposal 1: Replace dry ice
To reduce cost to keep high-quality temp control delivery, we would propose to replace dry ice with MechaCool. MechaCool PCM covers wide range of temp. MechaCool Box has various types of containers from EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), PUR (Polyurethane), VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) and etc. See "Replace dry ice"

Proposal 2: 3 temp band delivery
Those who would like to control temp strictly tend to use frozen vehicles, but there is a lot of issues:
Initial expenditure of vehicles, energy cost, exhaust gas and temp fructuation by open/close. So we would like to propose 3 temp band delivery. (Click here)

Tracking system
In view of logistics management, there are lots of issues to be addressed:
a. Needs to open the cantainers to check the temp inside
b. It leads "Be out of the temp" or "No records of IN/Out."
c. No temp tracking records which should have recorded.
But no appropriate solutions with reasonable costs has been provided.
So we would like to propose tracking system (Click here).