• Business Operations

Our Four Business Domains

TOPPAN FORMS operates in four distinct business domains.

At TOPPAN FORMS, we provide a variety of solutions centered around our core component of information, through the effective combination of our efforts in four distinct business domains: Data & Documents Business, IT Innovation Business, Business Products Business and Global Business. As an information management company, we work to create new value, and to contribute to the operation of our customers’ business activities, as a company that is well trusted by society.

Data & Documents Business
We contribute to improving the efficiency of customers’ administrative work processes and handling of information, through the provision of hybrid solutions combining both paper-based and electronic media.

IT Innovation Business
We offer added value that leads to work process innovation in security, traceability and various other areas of our customers’ business operations, through the provision of highly-specialized solutions utilizing IT.

Business Products Business
We support our customers’ high-quality business operations in a variety of aspects; including improving safety and security, increasing the efficiency of administrative tasks, and reducing operating costs. We also provide platforms for centralizing procurement and purchase management processes, for inventory such as printed items and office supplies.

Global Business
By deploying our various solutions from a global perspective, we offer new business opportunities and added value, as a valuable partner to both local companies and to our Japanese corporate customers seeking to expand their operations to overseas locations.