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In addition to providing standard products such as Information processing equipments and office supplies that are essential to business operations, we also support our customers’ business operations in a variety of other aspects; including increasing the efficiency of administrative tasks, reducing operating costs and improving security through the provision of proprietary developed products, such as fixed-temperature logistics solutions. We also provide platforms for centralizing procurement and purchase management processes for inventory such as printed items and office supplies.

Information Processing Equipments

We are constantly receiving requests from customer offices and administrative processing departments that handle large quantities of business forms for that offer an ideal balance of high speed and precision. At TOPPAN FORMS, we propose optimal solutions focused primarily around information processing equipments, systems, and proprietary developed equipments, which act as a powerful driving force in streamlining and improving the efficiency of our customers’ administrative processing.

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Proprietary Developed Products

At TOPPAN FORMS, we offer fixed-temperature logistics solutions to cater to the specific needs of customers who demand high-quality services. We handle everything from the development of high-performance refrigerants (Mechacool) and returnable packages to consulting on operating methods. We also offer solutions that are useful in cost reduction and environmental responses based around the key concept of traceability.

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Office Supplies and Purchase Management Systems

At TOPPAN FORMS, we offer an extensive lineup of products to cater to the needs of our customers; from office automation and PC-related supplies, stationery and other office supplies that require regular stocks, to disaster prevention and preparedness equipment and provisions that are essential to companies’ disaster countermeasures, and gifts and novelty items that will delight visitors at events and campaign rallies. We also facilitate centralized management of work processes from ordering to delivery, via the Internet, through the provision of our own proprietary purchase management systems.

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