Information Processing Equipments

We offer an array of instruments and systems that are the product of our research and development, and propose the optimal solutions for each use in order to satisfy the chronic need for the simultaneous realization of high speed and accuracy in paperwork that involves the handling of a massive volume of forms.

Product Lineup

Identification verification and My Number System-related devices

PASiD scan, Identification Verification Support System

Just by inserting an identification document into PASiD scan, the system scans both sides of the card and judges its authenticity. It also automatically creates identification verification record forms from the scanned data.

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PASiD, an Integrated ID Document Endorsement Print System

PASiD is a three-in-one system, acting as an IC reader, scanner, and printer. When a card is inserted, it efficiently identifies the holder of the identification card of any type and endorses the cards.

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PASiD Cutter for “My Number” Notification Cards

The cutter easily and neatly cuts off the card portion from the Notification Card, reducing the work involved in counter operations.

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Mailing Equipments


Our detachers are the machines that detach your continuous forms, and sort them. They have been developed to provide stability and convenience.

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Our sealer performs special treatment on your postal mail, for sealed postcards that are unfolded from both sides, sealed letters with perforations, and so forth.

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Bookbinding Machines

Our bookbinding machines are eco-friendly and use glue to bind books. They handle various types of bookbinding techniques in their high-speed processing to create beautifully bound products.

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Inspection Devices

Character recognition inspection devices for letters and postcards to prevent the leaking of personal information.

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System Equipments

Image Filing System

The data management system automatically encrypts and accumulates images of scanned documents for retrieval and viewing.

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Custom-made Machines and Peripherals

Inserters (Envelope/Sealing Machine)

This machine encloses/seals invoices and direct mail and sends cards. We suggest machine types suited for different uses. Additionally, we offer envelopes with the optimal specifications to ensure the stable operation of machines.

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Document and Leaflet Sorting and Sending System (IMPS)

This complex mailing system selects and collates multi-part forms, and also film-wraps or shrink-wraps them. We will design a system adapted to the customer's business for greater efficiency.

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Printer Paper Feed System

This system is directly connected to a high-capacity feeder for high-speed printers or a post-processing machine, helping to reduce the frequency of exchanging and ejecting paper. It reduces labor and also maximizes efficiency in printing for printers.

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Paper Cut End Processing Machines

A paper cut end processing machine sucks cut end generated by form processors as such as detachers, sealers, inserters, and bookbinding machine with a blower and also treats them by compression. Paper cut end are compressed with high efficiency, and the device discharges compressed paper without stopping the form processor.

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Servicing and Maintenance

We offer after-sales services adapted to the needs of customers, such as send-back maintenance for equipment, on-site maintenance at the customer's office, and a yearly maintenance agreement. We are happy to service and maintain many different machines, both our own products and those of other manufacturers and brands.

If any of these products or services interest you, please feel free to contact us.

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