Paper Cut End Processing Machines

Paper Piece Processing Machine TMC-003

A paper cut end processing machine for form processors.


  • ・Uses a blower to suck up cut ends (marginal) generated by form processors such as detachers, sealers, inserters, and bookbinding machines.
  • ・Waste disposer compresses cut ends with high efficiency and discharges compressed paper without stopping the form processor.
  • ・The cutter and blower available as an option allows for more compact compression of paper cut ends.
  • ・After filtering, clean air is returned to the office by an absorption blower.
  • ・Up to three ultra-fast form processors can be connected (processing speed: 200 m/min. or the equivalent).
  • ・Compressed paper can be recycled.

System Specifications

Compression Screw-type disposer (standard compression ratio: 1/30)
Functions Automatic stop function, device abnormality alarm, filter pressure-loss gauge, etc.
Safety Cutter and blower, collection box with wheels, simplified dust collecting machine, and indication of full space (warning light)
Dimensions Weight 2500 mm wide, 1000 mm long, 2000 mm high; weighs approximately 2,350 kg
Power source Three-phase AC200V, 50/60Hz

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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