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Service of Issuing Communication Forms in Bulk

At our production bases, we provide an outsourcing service that undertakes the bulk issuance of documents containing personal information, such as invoices and statements of deliveries processed by our customers. We respond flexibly to requests concerning the quantity of documents to be issued or the processing schedule by making full use of our production bases all over Japan.

Variable Layout Print Service

We respond flexibly to requests to print invoices for your customers who have large number of purchased products or have had a large number of transactions. We can print those documents by changing not only the data they contain but also the format, such as the number of lines for detailed statements. We can also print different numbers of communication forms for different customers simultaneously. This service is also expected to improve the legibility and understandability of contents and reduce costs.

Postage Reduction Services

We offer services that make it possible to receive a discount on postage for sending confidential correspondence such as invoices. We help you lower costs by reducing the postage for sending various communication forms.

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