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  • Industry's First! Carbon-offset Certification Acquired by the MOE's standard Launch of sales of carbon offset copy paper

Press Releases

Industry's First! Carbon-offset Certification Acquired by the MOE's standard
Launch of sales of carbon offset*1 copy paper

March 29, 2012

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd., an information management solution provider, has begun offering industry's first carbon offset copy paper with a certification label by the MOE's standard.

The reduction of CO2 - a great cause of global warming - is an important issue all over the world. Each corporation is responsible for the reduction of CO2 emitted as a result of its own business actions.

Toppan Forms, provider of paper products such as printed matter or copy paper, has been developing environmentally friendly products and services, and putting them on the market. As part of this project, Toppan Forms has been working on plans of product or merchandise using the technique of carbon offset since 2009. Following the carbon offset mailing products, Toppan Forms started sales of carbon offset copy paper (A4-size only).
This copy paper is called "CG80". The CO2, which is emitted during material sourcing and manufacture of paper for the conventional product - recycled cut paper "G80" - complied with green purchasing law*2, is offset by Kyoto credit (AAU) *3 Though "CG80" was planed to be released a year ago, the sale was postponed because the plant of manufacturing contractor (Hachinohe City, Aomori prefecture) was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the tsunami. Now, Toppan Forms gladly put it on the market after the disaster recovery. "CG80" contains some recycled paper from earthquake-damaged paper products*4.

Product features

  • (1)Carbon offset
    The CO2 emitted during material sourcing and manufacture of paper is offset by supporting a tree-planting program in New Zealand. This leads to improved environmental preservation frameworks. (14.4kg is offset per A4 box)
  • (2)Conformed to green purchasing law
    Total evaluation Value: 90
    Blending ratio of waste paper pulp: 70%
    Brightness: about 82%
  • (3)Mixed with FSC*5 confirmed pulp
  • (4)The product has a MOE's standard carbon offset certification label verified by a third party verification organization
    This certification label may only be used on products which have been verified through a rigorous screening process by the carbon offset certification system, to show that carbon offsets are being conducted in accordance with the indices defined by the MOE. The label allows us to demonstrate that our offset products maintain a certain standard of reliability. For more details, please see the website of the Certification Center on Climate Change, Japan.
    Certification Center on Climate Change, Japan http://www.4cj.org/
    The certification number for Toppan Forms' copy paper is 4CJ-1100081
  • *1 Carbon Offset
    Understanding the amount of greenhouse gases emitted as a result of one's own actions, and proactively working to lower this amount, is an important environmental effort. However, for emissions that cannot be reduced, purchases of greenhouse gas emissions reduction/absorption achieved in other locations can be made as compensation for the emissions one has created. Alternatively, projects to reduce or absorb emissions in other locations can be implemented as compensation.
  • *2 Green Purchasing Law
    The law aimed at promoting to purchase recycled products, reduce the environmental load, and build a social structure that can develop sustainably.
  • *3 Kyoto Credit (AAU)
    The Credit issued on the basis of the procedure specified in Kyoto Protocol (Assigned Amount Unit)
  • *4 Earthquake-damaged paper products
    Unsalable paper products which have lost the market value due to the earthquake and the tsunami
  • *5 FSC
    It omitted "Forest Stewardship Council".
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