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  • Lost Cartons & Pallets and No Returns are Prevented - Toppan Forms Develops Water Proof UHF RFID Label Durable for High Pressure Washing

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Lost Cartons & Pallets and No Returns are Prevented
Toppan Forms Develops Water Proof UHF RFID Label Durable for High Pressure Washing

August 07, 2012

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms), an information management solution provider, developed UHF RFID labels most suited to manage transpiration instruments such as plastic folding container and pallet. The company has started marketing them on August 17, 2012.

By completely sealing RFID chip and antenna using strong adhesive and water proof tack paper the company developed a high performing waterproof label durable for high pressure washing.

UHF RFID labels allow multiple pieces to be read simultaneously and are used in wide range of applications such as high volume asset and product management. In the past, RFID tags and labels were often considered for use to prevent loss and non returns of large numbers of folding containers used in the logistics and distribution industry. However, folding containers were periodically washed and it was necessary for RFID labels to be durable against high pressure washing for water proof and adhesiveness. Furthermore, the format had to be thin enough so that it would not become an obstacle when cartons are folded and also had to be read simultaneously in one batch.

To solve these issues Toppan Forms sealed RFID chip and antenna using strong adhesive and waterproof tack paper which enabled it to be highly waterproof enduring high pressure washing of transportation instruments. The label is IPX6 and IPX7 compliant which is the international standard for water proof. Under the test, labels did not peal or communication performance did not degrade.

For communication performance, 120 labels can be read at once and for strong adhesiveness, labels can be attached to polypropylene and polyethylene materials that are used for the folding carton. The surface material of the label is suited for thermal transfer printing that allows it to be printed on RFID printer.

Toppan Forms will start marketing the product as one of the product line of Latica series mainly to the logistics and distribution industries. The company is targeting 200 million yen in sales this year.

Product Features

  • (1)Highly Waterproof
    The product meets the Intentional Standard (IEC) Protection Class IPX6 and IPX7. Water does not infiltrate into the label and does not peel off.
  • (2)High Communication Perfomance
    Labels can communicate long distance of approximately 7 meter and 120 pieces can be read at one time at the gate when they are attached to the folding container.
  • (3)Compatible to the New Frequency Band
    The label is compatible to the new 920MHz frequency that commenced in July 25, 2012
  • (4)Printable and Encodable with RFID Label Printer
    Label is designed to allow bar code printing and data encoding with normal RFID label printer. It is also customizable in accordance to print specification.

Product Specification

Frequency UHF Band
Standard EPC global Class 1 Generation 2 Compliant
Size Label Size : 25mm × 105mm (Minimum)
Antenna Size : 8mm × 90mm
Sales Target 20 Billion Yen in 2012 including system and media

Toppan Forms also provides "LogiViewer" software package to manage item, place, and rental of transportation instruments.

  • *1 Protection Class IPX6: Protection against strong water jet flow.
  • *2 Protection Class IPX7: Protection against 1 meter water submersion for 30 minutes.
  • * Latica is Toppan Forms' registered trademark.
  • * LogiViewer is Toppan Forms' registered trademark.
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