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  • Toppan Forms Markets Shredder Dedicated to Thermal Transfer Ribbon that Protects Personal Information - Solely Developed by Techno Toppan Forms -

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Toppan Forms Markets Shredder Dedicated to Thermal Transfer Ribbon that Protects Personal Information - Solely Developed by Techno Toppan Forms -

October 05, 2012

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
Techno Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.

Information management solution provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary Techno Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo President: Nobuo Fukuchi) have started marketing on October 5 a dedicated thermal transfer ribbon shredder "Ribbon Chopper 203" which is used for card printer and card tipper*1. The equipment was developed by Techno Toppan Forms.

Account number, credit number, membership date are printed on plastic smart and magnetic cards and various product information are printed on management label used in production and logistic environment. These cards and labels use thermal transfer printer and card tipper which leaves personal information on the ribbon. Disposal of these ribbons are problems for many clients since they have to handle them with strict care.

Conventional ribbon shredder is often more costly than the printer itself and clogging and insufficient shredding trouble occur frequently. Techno Toppan Forms, providing various equipment, listened to customer's request and commercialized a dedicated ribbon shredder that provides high processing performance at low cost. This enables customers that conducts distributed processing at branches, sales offices, and distribution centers can now shred them at each local location, eliminating the hassle to store them in secure places or monitoring the shredding process at third party processing sight, enabling efficient card processing operation.

  • *1 Card tipper
    Equipment to add colors to the embossed characters


  • (1)Developed Special Cutter
    The cutter was specially developed for cutting ribbons. It cross cuts to 0.78 × 11mm size (equal to level 5) preventing the characters from being recreated.
  • (2)Competitively Priced
    390 Thousand Yen(30~40% less than comparable model).Priced appropriately for users who processes cards at multiple locations.
  • (3)Low Noise
    Low noise and stable operation by using large size motor (20% lighter compared with conventional model and under 60 decibel noise level).
  • (4)High Processing Performance
    8.8m per minute processing speed is 15% faster than conventional machine. It can shred up to 4 rolls of ribbons simultaneously making it virtually 5 times faster.
  • (5)Process Various Ribbons
    Ribbons are set without shaft by just simply putting them on top of the feeder enabling the machine to process various size and shapes.
  • (6)Up to two pages of copy paper can be shredded simultaneously.


Dimension 520×400×800㎜
Weight 60 kg
Process Speed Approx. 8.8m per min.
Feeding Mouth Width 227mm
Shredding Size LEVEL5(0.78×11mm Cross Cut)

Future Plan

Toppan Forms and Techno Toppan Forms will market the machine to 4,000 locations in the banking, local government, health insurance union, university, and medical industries where cards are processed. The company aims to sell 100 million yen annually.

  • *"Ribbon Chopper" is application pending registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co. Ltd.
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