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  • "Mechacool" for Medical Expands Package Function -Develops "Ontrasys" RFID Temperature Record Management System for Airfreight-

Press Releases

"Mechacool" for Medical Expands Package Function
- Develops "Ontrasys" RFID Temperature Record Management System for Airfreight -

April 26, 2013

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) developed a RFID temperature record management system "Ontrasys" as an additional feature for hemathermal transportation box for airfreight using highly functional refrigerant "Mechacool".The company starts marketing the solution today.

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Traditionally, to achieve efficient operations in both temperature record management and acceptance/delivery operation at the distribution center, temperature sensors and active RFID tag with sensor were installed inside the cool box. However, active RFID in general periodically emits radio wave which restricts the use in airplanes, prohibiting it to be taken aboard.


By installing active RFID tag with temperature sensor into the hemathermal trasporation*1 box for medical application, temperature measurement and accpetance/delivery features can be augmented to improve "Quality Management" and "Efficient Operation". The key feature of the solution is its ability to stop/start the radio wave emission which allows the cargo to be airfreighted.

  • (1) Both active communication*2 and passive communication*3 functions are loaded on the RFID. The tag has both passive function that allows to obtain necessary information by putting the reader closer to the passive tags, and active function that allows to efficiently obtain information from a multiple objects located in the distance, which allows to build a system with high degree of freedom.
  • (2) Three operation modes*4 allow airfreight transporation by switching between the modes. This satisfies the needs of both airfreight transportation and temperature managed transportation, as well as saving battery consumption.
  • (3) Four channels are available for temperature sensor. Four channels can be set including embedded temperature sensor allowing three temperature range in the cold box.

Future Roadmap

Toppan Forms has been improving the refrigerant and cold box solution. With the additional “Ontrasys” feature, increased safety and effiecient transport operation can be achieved. The company aims to achieve one billion yen by 2014 to serve the temperature managed transporation operation in the medical sector by marketing solutions centered on“Mechacool” for Medical.

  • *1 Hemathermal Transportation
    A transportation method that sustains appropriate temperature to keep quality of cargo merchandise.
  • *2 Active Communication
    A RFID tag with battery that enables long distance communication and various sensor capabilities.
  • *3 Passive Communication
    A RFID tag that converts electromagnetic wave emitted by the reader and converts it into power that enables communication. Recent popular example is communication standard such as NFC.
  • *4 Three Operation Modes
    Mode1 : Active Tag Mode
    Mode for active communication. Radio wave is constantly emitted from the tag
    prohibiting it to be install on the airplane.
    Mode 2 :Passive Mode.
    Disengage active function and use it as a passive tag.
    Mode 3 :Active Wait Mode
    By receiving a boot signal from the dedicated reader, the mode is switched to active.
  • * "Mechacool" for Medical is a hemathermal transportation solution that combines highly functional refrigerant "Mechacool" and dedicated cold box with special pocket enabling two temperature ranges (Refrigeration 2℃ to 8℃, Room 15℃ to 25℃). The refrigerant is the first of its kind in the industry to receive a certification from Nihon Kaiji Kentei Kyokai to be "non-classified as flammble object".
  • * "Mechacool" is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
  • * "Ontrasys" is currently being applied for a trademark registration by Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
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