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  • Japan Card Network and Yodobashi Camera to Invest in TF Payment Service to Reinforce the Capital and to Strengthen the Service Platform by Third Party Allocation of Shares

Press Releases

Japan Card Network and Yodobashi Camera to Invest in TF Payment Service to Reinforce the Capital and to Strengthen the Service Platform by Third Party Allocation of Shares
-The Aim is to Strengthen Sales and to Build New Business Model-

May 30 2013

TF Payment Service Co., Ltd.

TF Payment Service Co., Ltd. ( Headquartered in Tokyo Japan, Representative Director Jiro Kurobane, TFPS hereunder) will execute a third party allocation of share allotted to the three companies – Toppan Forms Co., Ltd., JapanCard Network Co., Ltd, and Yodobashi Camera Co., Ltd. TFPS has been providing "Thincacloud" since June 2012 which is a NFC Cloud Payment Platform Service. "Thincacloud" provides two payment methods covering on-site payment mainly for storefront and off-site payment for internet. The highly acclaimed service processes both payment methods on the same system, eliminating cumbersome management and reducing sales management related to e-Money. By increasing capital, the company aims to strengthen and accelerate the service platform and provide convenient service for users and merchants by adding new e-Money brands in addition to the current "nanaco" and "Rakuten Edy" which is expected to be on board soon.

Details of the Third Party Allocation of Shares

  • 1. Offered Number of Shares
    Common Stock 3,200 Shares
  • 2. Issued Value
    100,000 yen per share
  • 3. Payment Date
    May 31, 2013 
  • 4. Allotted Party and Number of Shares to be Allotted(Bracket shows the number of shares held and percentage after the capital increase)
    Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. 1,600 Shares (7,600 Shares, 82.6%)
    Japan Card Network Co.,Ltd. 800 Shares (800 Shares, 8.7%)
    Yodobashi Camera Co., Ltd. 800 Shares (800 Shares, 8.7%)
  • 5. Capital after the Increase - 460 million yen(Capital Reserve 160 million yen)
  • * NFC : Abbribiation of Near Field Communication. See reference information for details.

Reference Information

■NFC(Near Field Communication:ISO/IEC18092、21481)
NXP Semiconductors which provides over 2 billion "MIFARE" worldwide and SONY Corporation which provides 400 million "FeliCa" mainly in Japan and Asia co-developed the 13.56MHz Near Field Wireless Communication Standard that was certified as International Standard (ISO/IEC) in December 2003.
[NFC Basic Features]
  • 1,Card Emulation
    Operates as "FeliCa" and "MIFARE" smartcard .
  • 2,Reader/Writer Emulation
    Operates as "FeliCa" and "MIFARE" reader writer.
  • 3,Device to Device Communication
    Two way communications can be conducted between NFC compatible devices without any complex verification process between them. Also, verification can be conducted by NFC first and then after communication can be handed over to faster Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication,
■TF Payment Service Co., Ltd.
  • HQ Address : 1-7-3 Higashi Shimbashi,Minato-ku,Tokyo
  • Established:December 2011
  • Representative:Representative Director and President Jiro Kurobane
  • Business Domain: Planning, Designing, and Development of Information System and Communication Network using Internet・Commerce using Internet Operation outsourcing and payment collection Operation outsourcing, and surrounding operations
  • URL:http://www.thincacloud.com/
  • * "Thincacloud" is a registered Trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
  • * Product names indicated are registered trademark or trademark of each company.
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