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  • The Brain Science Experiment regarding Direct Mail confirms "Better Comprehension on Paper Compared to Display"

Press Releases

The Brain Science Experiment regarding Direct Mail confirms
"Better Comprehension on Paper Compared to Display"

July 23, 2013

Under the supervision of Professor Masafumi Nakagawa of International University of Health and Welfare, Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co.,Ltd.(Toppan Forms hereunder) and Neuro-techniKa Co.,Ltd. conducted a brain science experiment regarding Direct Mail (DM). Measuring brain's reaction when they are interfacing with DM, the experiment used a near infrared imaging equipment called NIRS (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) that can examine which part of the brain is related to a person's certain activity. The equipment can lead to a stable result from an extremely simple physiological reaction with little individual difference even with small experiment sample numbers (6 people). As a result, the superiority of DM as media compared to other media was evidenced at a physiological response level of the brain which was previously not possible. For example, the brain responded differently when the same information was presented on paper media (reflective light) and display (transmitted light). The part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex that handles comprehension responded more strongly on paper media, which indicated it as superior media for understanding the information. Also, deeper comprehension was obtained when DM with the same theme were sent continuously.

Toppan Forms will further analyze the data ascertained by the brain science experiment and use the findings to formulate direct marketing strategies in the future.

The company in their private show "IDEA PREVIEW 2013 Toppan Forms Information Solution for Conveyance and Comprehension" (Place : Sakae Gas Building 3-15-33 Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya) to be held in Nagoya on July 24 –25 will introduce the work in the brain science regarding DM. Part of the experiment result will be presented at the related seminar.


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