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  • Logistics Equipment & Material Management Software "LogiViewer" Now Supports Tablet Enables Realtime Management on a Large Screen

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Logistics Equipment & Material Management Software "LogiViewer" Now Supports Tablet Enables Realtime Management on a Large Screen

September 24, 2013

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. will start marketing the tablet version of "LogiViewer" - software that manages logistics equipment and material such as pallets and foldable containers using RFID - in the middle of October, 2013.

Currently, inventory information for logistics equipment and material can be viewed only on PC within the office connected to the server. On the other hand, RFID is mainly read by hand held and fixed reader writers but their screens are small, and operability are not user friendly. Using compact reader writer together with Android tablet, solves this exact issue, significantly improving operation by touch screen panel.

"LogiViewer" provides reader writer at approximately 2/3 of conventional system by combining V-T500 tablet terminal from Casio Computer Co., Ltd. and DOTR-920 Bluetooth separate type reader writer from Tohoku Systems Support Co., Ltd. as a standard. V-T500 is light and durable tablet that is optimized for use in the field. It can also be connected to fixed reader writer allowing flexible operation for various field environment. Furthermore, options are available such as user verification using NFC and location management using GPS data for ship-in/out log.

Toppan Forms will market "LogiViewer" system to rental, logistics, and distribution industries with sales target of 200 million yen.

VT-500 from Casio (L) and COTR-920 from Tohoku Support (R)


  • 1. Tablet version allows operation and viewing on a large screen. Also, a wide range of use is possible using NFC reader writer and GPS.
  • 2. By using web browser on tablet, inventory information managed by "LogiViewer" can be viewed realtime.
  • 3. Operability is improved in combination with a portable, compact and light Bluetooth reader writer.
  • 4. Fixed reader writer can be controlled by tablet terminal. This eliminates the PC to control the reader writer lowering the system cost.
  • * "LogiViewer" is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
  • * Product names indicated are registered trademark or trademark of each company.
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