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  • Toppan Forms Releases Four Models of Mid-Range and Compact Continuous Forms Detacher Color Touch Panel Improves Operability

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Toppan Forms Releases Four Models of Mid-Range and Compact Continuous Forms Detacher Color Touch Panel Improves Operability

January 9, 2014

Information Management Solution Company Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) has conducted a model changeover for their "Potencia" series continuous forms detacher. Three mid-range and compact models – "Potencia 126, 121, and 78" will be re-modeled and sold on January 15, 2014, and the new desktop model – "Potencia 31" – will be sold at the end of March respectively.

The company has been selling detacher since its establishment and has installed over 30,000 units mainly to financial institutions and self-government bodies thus far. Cut sheet business forms (BF) are increasingly being used today, but there still is a strong demand for continuous forms in high speed printing. Six years have passed for the current models, and many users are starting to consider replacements. Color LCD touch panel on the newer flagship models improves operation significantly.

Toppan Forms in cooperation with their subsidiary Techno Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Hino City Tokyo) that market and maintain office processing machines will market the four models to financial institutions and self-government bodies with a sales target of 700 units and 1 billion yen in 2014.

Features and Specification of Each Model

Model Potencia126 Potencia121 Potencia78 Potencia31
Main Features
  • ・Low noise design with internal paper setting and stacking unit
  • ・Can be installed at the corner of the room
  • ・Easy storage and disposal of slitted margins
  • ・Two models with different paper stacker design
  • ・<Type D>elevation table
  • ・<Type C>conveyer type
  • ・Many options
  • ・Can process wide size paper at low cost
  • ・Easy dropping method for paper stacker (detachable when not in use)
  • ・Low cost machine with focused features
  • ・Compact and light desktop model
  • ・Marginal slitter is standard
Max Speed 126m per min. 121m per min. 78m per min. 31m per min.
Memory 117 channels 117 channels 100 channels ×
Color LCD Touch Panel × ×
Weight 200kg Type D : 100kg
Type C : 90kg
75kg 26kg
Price 2,550,000 yen Type D : 1,850,000 yen
Type C : 1,680,000 yen
980,000 yen 298,000 yen
  • ・Interstacker
  • ・Middle Slitter
  • ・Interstacker
  • ・Middle Slitter
  • ・Separation Stacker
  • ・Trim Chopper
  • ・Interlock with Printer
  • ・Static Electric Discharge
  • ・Interstacker
  • ・Middle Slitter

  • ・Inter Stacker
    Interstacker is a separate unit that slits two wide printed area on the same page in the middle, overlay each other, and then send it to the detacher. Detaching two overlayed sheets simultaneously doubles the processing speed.
  • ・Middle Slitter
    Middle slitter slits two wide printed area in the middle. Detaching and stacking two sheets simultaneously in parallel doubles the processing speed.
  • ・Separation Stacker
    Separation stacker decollates multiple parts. One part is detached and stacked. Another part does not get detached but is folded and stacked.
  • ・Trim Chopper
    Trim chopper cuts margins into small pieces. This allows storage capacity to increase five times
  • ・Printer Interlocking
    Interlocking feature allows the detacher installed at the end of the printer to synchronize with the output of the printer for feeding the paper directly into the detacher.
  • ・Static Electricity Discharge
    Static Electricity discharge unit neutralize static electricity on a paper. When the paper is highly charged with static electricity immediately after printing, it helps to reduce paper deviations.

  • *"Potencia" is registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co.,Ltd.
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