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  • E-Money Payment Service "Thincacloud" Starts Service on Netalive Global Credit Card Terminal - One Terminal Can Now Handle Both EMV Contactless Standard and FeliCa Standard Payment Service -

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E-Money Payment Service "Thincacloud" Starts Service on Netalive Global Credit Card Terminal
- One Terminal Can Now Handle Both EMV Contactless Standard and FeliCa Standard Payment Service -

February 17, 2014

Netalive Inc.

Castles Technology Co,.Ltd.

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.

TF Payment Service Co., Ltd.

Starting in March this year, Netalive Inc. (Headquatered in Okayama Okayama Japan, Representative Director : Kazuya Maeda, Netalive hereunder) and TF Payment Service Co., Ltd. (Headquatered in Minato-ku Tokyo Japan, President and Representative Director : Jiro Kurobane, TFPS hereunder) a Toppan Forms Co., Ltd group company that provides e-money payment service using NFC technology will start service for VEGA5000S H(terminal hereunder) marketed by Netalive.

TFPS has been promoting generic e-money payment terminal that is compatible to Thincacloud. The key to genericise e-money payment terminal is to acquire certification based on domestic FeliCa specification for a low price NFC terminal based on EMV contactless standard. TFPS made FeliCa based e-money payment service and EMV contact-less terminal widely used in overseas to co-exist. Since the terminal equipped with NFC reader/writer is sold widely in the global market, it allows worldwide implementation of product and service based on domestic FeliCa specification at low cost.
The terminal bundles magnetic card reader, contact smart card reader, NFC contactless reader, and four secure access module slots in one. One unit can handle various applications such as credit payment, point provision and coupon issuing. It features 32 bit secure microprocessor, large color LCD, and three track two way magnetic stripe card reader. Communication interface Analog can be selected from modem, LAN, Wi-Fi, CDMA (KDDI au), RS-232C, and RS-485.
It is PCI PED, EMV Level1, EMV Level2, and EMC certified, which allows safer and more reliable operation. It is also possible to include regional e-money used within a certain region and shopping district. The terminal, in addition to use in stores, is already being used for payment in taxis. Many new payment applications are expected to be developed such as generic portable POS for mobile payment in courier delivery business. Netalive and Castles Technology plan to sequentially implement VEGA terminal series compatible to "Thincacloud".
TFPS in cooperation with Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. that sells the terminal, will strengthen cooperation with various terminal manufacturers and e-money vendors to promote a platform that is versatile for users and merchants and low fee e-money payment implementation.

Reference Information

■NFC(Near Field Communication:ISO/IEC18092,21481)
NXP Semiconductors which provides over 2 billion "MIFARE" worldwide and SONY Corporation which provides 400 million "FeliCa" mainly in Japan and Asia co-developed the 13.56MHz Near Field Wireless Communication Standard that was certified as International Standard (ISO/IEC) in December 2003.
[NFC Basic Features]
  • 1,Card Emulation
    Operates as "FeliCa" and "MIFARE" smart card .
  • 2,Reader/Writer Emulation
    Operates as "FeliCa" and "MIFARE" reader writer.
  • 3,Device to Device Communication
    Two way communications can be conducted between NFC compatible devices without any complex verification process between them. Also, verification can be conducted by NFC first and then after communication can be handed over to faster Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication.
■ Netalive Inc.
  • HQ Address
    7F Cecile Okayama Ekimae Building 2-10 Honmachi, Kita-ku Okayama, Okayama Pref.
  • Established
    January 2000
  • Representative
    Representative Director and President Kazuya Maeda
  • Business Domain
    Development of credit/e-money payment terminal and software, magnetic card, planning, development, and sales of point system using contact-less smart card such as MIFARE and FeliCa.
  • URL
■ Castles Technology Co., Ltd
  • HQ Address
    Taipei Taiwan
  • Established
  • Representative
    Kevin Hsin
  • Business Domain
    Development of POS terminal and peripheral, smartcard reader, and contact-less reader.
  • URL
■TF Payment Service Co., Ltd.
  • HQ Address
    1-7-3 Higashi Shimbashi,Minato-ku,Tokyo
  • Established
    December 2011
  • Representative
    Representative Director and President Jiro Kurobane
  • Business Domain
    Planning, Designing, and Development of Information System and Communication Network using Internet・Commerce using Internet Operation outsourcing and payment collection Operation outsourcing, and surrounding operations
  • URL
  • * EMV specification is the international standard related to smart card and terminal for transaction using smart card in the financial sector. Smart card specification formulated by Japan Credit Card Association and Japanese Bankers Association also based on EMV specification.
  • * FeliCa functional certification is implemented by Sony Corporation to maintain compatibility between products by establishing common communication performance standard on FeliCa devices. M class is a recommended class as a payment terminal.
  • * "Thincacloud" is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
  • * "FeliCa" is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
  • * "FeliCa" is a contact-less smart card technology
  • * Company, product, and service names indicated are registered trademark or trademark of each company.
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