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  • Toppan Forms Starts a New Service for Downloading Promotional Print Image for Easy Editing and Printing by Office Printer

Press Releases

Toppan Forms Starts a New Service for Downloading Promotional Print Image for Easy Editing and Printing by Office Printer

February 27, 2014

Information management solution provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) in March 2014 will start a service to print out promotional printed matters such as invitations and leaflets, normally ordered to a printing company, using office printer located in the client company when they are urgently needed on the same day. This service is provided as a new function of "STRAFLOW" by Toppan Forms that enables printing via the office printer owned by the user by downloading print data that have been converted to PDF. This prevents loss of opportunity by enabling immediate preparation in small quantity as needed.


  • 1. When promotional printed material is not available on a particular day, it can be printed immediately with an office printer.
  • 2. Promotional printed matter can be designed uniquely to each store on the web.


Currently, promotional printed matters are delivered quickly in short lead time to clients using STRAFLOW, but there were strong needs to build a system to support promotional activities even more quickly. To meet this need, Toppan Forms created a service that allows clients to convert the data created by STRAFLOW into PDF in thirty seconds for printing within their company environment.

Future Roadmap

Toppan Forms will promote STRAFLOW to companies with many branch offices such as life insurance and casualty insurance.


STRAFLOW is a service that allows design, ordering, and management of invitation, leaflet, and direct mail at the branch office and store via the internet. The client can edit and order printed matters through the web browser in the office that are produced by large high speed digital printers at Toppan Forms.

Initial Fee Initial Installation Fee : 50,000 Yen
Product Format Creation and Registration Fee : from 50,000 Yen
Service Usage Fee From 10,000 Yen per Month (Standard Service)
From 100,000 Yen per Month (with PDF Download Function)
Design and Print Fee Quoted Separately
Remarks Usage Time:8:00~22:00
Time Necessary to Prepare for Operation : One Month after Spec. Confirmation
  • *"DPS" is Toppan Forms' registered trademark.
  • * Other products indicated are registered trademark or trademark of each company.
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