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  • High Performance Refrigerant "Mechacool" Changes Color When Frozen Notifies when the -2℃ and -5℃ temperature range refrigerants for chill chain delivery are frozen

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High Performance Refrigerant "Mechacool" Changes Color When Frozen Notifies
When the -2℃ and -5℃ Temperature Range Refrigerants For Chill Chain Delivery are Frozen

May 26, 2014

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) will start marketing on May 26, a new Mechacool product line that visually notifies if the refrigerant is frozen or not. The two colors - purple when in liquid form and yellow in frozen form - are on the opposite side of the hue circle that clearly indicate the change in status. If there is a refrigerant that is not appropriately frozen, a purple can be spotted immediately within the yellow. Two temperature ranges, -2℃ and -5℃ are currently available.

The -2℃ and -5℃ temperature ranges are suited for chill chain delivery used for perishables and medical applications. The visual indication clearly verifies if refrigerants are in the frozen state in working environments such as warehouse which improves operational efficiency and prevention of product quality degradation during delivery caused by insufficient freezing of refrigerants.

The refrigerants are highly safe since primary materials used for refrigerant are the same materials used for medical and cosmetic products. By changing the primary materials, the expansion rate has been reduced by 50% compared with conventional product, thus improving the operational efficiency. Toppan Forms with its color changing "Mechacool" that includes -2℃ and -5℃ temperature range aims to sell one billion yen of constant temperature delivery solutions in 2014.


  • 1. The color change from purple to opposite color yellow clearly verifies frozen status improving operational efficiency.
  • 2. Safety is increased by using primary materials used in medical and cosmetic applications.
  • 3. Changing the primary material reduces the expansion rate by 50% compared to the conventional product, thus reducing space during delivery. The time duration for freezing is also shortened by 20% which improves operational efficiency.

Future Direction

Recently, the demand for constant temperature delivery using ambient temperature vehicles are increasing, and the market is expanding. The domestic market for chilled constant temperature delivery reached approximately 50 billion yen annually. Further market expansion is expected because Japanese companies operating business in Asia are adopting constant temperature delivery using ambient temperature vehicle.

Also, by using cool box in an ambient vehicle, products of various temperature ranges such as refrigerated, chilled, and frozen can co-exist in the same vehicle which leads to a reduction of transportation cost by efficient use of space. Toppan Forms will expand its business both domestically and overseas by providing the most-suited solution to clients backed by their operational know-how nurtured through the constant temperature logistic solution with Mechacool at the core.

  • * "Mechacool" is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
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