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  • Toppan Forms Starts a New Web Invoice Delivery Service "Ene-easy" for New Power Producer & Supplier

Press Releases

Toppan Forms Starts a New Web Invoice Delivery Service "Ene-easy" for New Power Producer & Supplier

October 6, 2014

Information Management Solution Provider Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. (Toppan Forms hereunder) starting November 1 will start a SaaS based web invoice delivery service that simplifies invoicing operations of new Power Producer and Supplier (PPS hereunder).
"Ene-easy" digital invoice delivery will support the most complex and potentially increasing invoicing operation of PPS business. The invoice is generated by Toppan Forms' server in a format selected by the user whether they’d be web, email, or PDF delivery and can be viewed on various devices such as PC, Smartphone, or Tablet. All the PPS has to do is send the invoice data of the usage fee (CSV file) to Toppan Forms' server. All data transactions are encrypted under SSL connection to ensure high security. Additionally, paper invoice can be generated from the data providing the end user a wide and flexible range of options that meet their needs.


Liberalization of retail electricity sales to household that will commence on April 2016 is expected to create approximately 7.5 Trillion Yen market with 358 newly registered companies providing service to approximately 84.2 million households. Currently PPS are formulating promotions, business plan, and operational policies to gain customers. When the actual operation starts, it is expected that there will be many complex back office operations such as user contracting process, monthly usage measurement, and invoicing process.
With "ene-easy" supporting invoicing operation at the core, Toppan Forms will comprehensively back up PPS operations such as contract process during application (checking incomplete application form, data entry, returning incomplete documents), sending payment notice (remittance, demand letter, receipt) and promotional direct mail for acquiring new customers.

System Overview

Features of "Ene-easy" Web Invoice Delivery Service for PPS

  • 1. Invoice can be viewed on multiple devices such as PC, smartphone, and tablet. If users requests, same data can be delivered on paper invoices.
  • 2. Since it is a SaaS service, no additional development is necessary at the time of adoption allowing short lead time at low cost.
  • 3. Digitizing invoice reduces print, deliver, and labor costs.
  • 4. File is transmitted under a highly secure encryption method.

Future Direction

Toppan Forms is currently providing a wide range of services including web invoice delivery service, data print service (DPS) and back office operation support such as BPO. By using the know-hows nurtured through the experience of supporting back office operations of various industries such as financial and municipal governments, the company will also contribute to efficient operation of the power industry providers.
Toppan Forms targets a One billion yen sale in 2016 by providing "ene-easy" and related services by strengthening relations with the PPS providers.

  • *1 Source: The Agency of Natural Resources and Energy "power producer and supplier contact list"
  • *2 Source: The Agency of Natural Resources and Energy "Towards the Second Revision of the Power System Reform" as of December 2013

  • ※ DPS is a registered trademark of Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
  • ※ "Ene-easy" is currently under application for registered trademark by Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.
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