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  • Putting Together Inquiry Visualization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology TOPPAN FORMS Launches AI Chat Service Specialized in Energy Businesses

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Putting Together Inquiry Visualization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology TOPPAN FORMS Launches AI Chat Service Specialized in Energy Businesses

February 15, 2017

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (TOPPAN FORMS, hereunder) has started to provide an AI chat service for energy suppliers, which can use technical terms from the energy industry and deliver the optimal answers using AI technology. It will be added to the standard specifications of EneForm, a website construction and operation support service for energy suppliers, and can also be included in customers’ existing websites.
This service uses the support chatbot provided by User Local, Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO Masao Ito) with proven performance in big data analysis, which uses AI to automate customer support operations. This will be added with the inquiry logs of TOPPAN FORMS’ call center contracted by energy suppliers and operated by BPO Center. It will be visualized and registered in a database to provide a high-quality chat service capable of handling highly technical inquiries from its initial settings. The response accuracy will be increased using AI’s automatic learning function.

Image of the installation website (left) and image of chatbot responses to inquiries (right)


AI-based chatbots are being used increasingly in recent years particularly in industries such as e-commerce websites and financial services. Energy suppliers entering the retail market for electric power after the deregulation in April 2016 or city gas suppliers to be deregulated in April 2017 lack the experience with handling inquiries in such fields and face challenges in developing a chat service database, etc. TOPPAN FORMS helps energy suppliers improve their customer communications by supporting their initial set up, database development, FAQ registration, and operation and maintenance after starting the operation.

Future Direction

TOPPAN FORMS will improve its business support solutions for energy suppliers by adding an AI chat service for energy suppliers to EneSeries, an energy supplier package solution. The company will use this to develop a consistent system to meet a variety of demands from attracting customers to accepting applications (contract renewal), billing, and maintaining customers, and will firmly support their business activities. TOPPAN FORMS aims to introduce EneForm, containing this service, to 15 energy suppliers in fiscal year 2017 and achieve sales of one billion yen from EneForm and related solutions.
TOPPAN FORMS will promote its AI chat service and other services for energy suppliers at ENEX 2017 and Smart Energy Japan 2017 held between February 15 and 17, 2017, at Tokyo Big Sight.

  • * User Local, Inc. is a company that operates a specialized business in data analysis. It supports corporate marketing activities through User Insight, a high-function access analysis tool, Social Insight, a social media analysis tool that can be used for SNS word of mouth, and other tools.
  • * EneForm is a registered trademark of TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD.
  • * Other names of products, services, etc. in the article are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.
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