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  • TOPPAN FORMS Establishes a Capital and Business Partnership with Cogent Labs for Providing Services Using AI - Starting with the recognition of hand-written Japanese characters to expanding the scale of use of AI -

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TOPPAN FORMS Establishes a Capital and Business Partnership with Cogent Labs for Providing Services Using AI
- Starting with the recognition of hand-written Japanese characters to expanding the scale of use of AI -

February 28, 2017

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (TOPPAN FORMS, hereunder) announces that it has formed a capital and business partnership with Cogent Labs Inc. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Directors: Jun Iinuma and Eric Whiteway, Cogent Labs, hereunder), a start-up enterprise in Japan that engages in technological development by capitalizing on the latest studies on artificial intelligence (AI), aiming to provide a variety of AI-assisted services. TOPPAN FORMS will own part of the newly issued shares of Cogent Labs by a capital increase through a third-party allocation. It will also promote the utilization of Cogent Labs’ AI technologies for a range of services with a focus on the greater operational efficiency that it provides.
TOPPAN FORMS will provide a business process outsourcing (BPO) service using Tegaki, which realizes the highest standard of character recognition rates in the industry for hand-written characters and prints by utilizing deep learning technologies. More specifically, TOPPAN FORMS will utilize Tegaki for character recognition and digital data compilation targeting many kinds of hand-written applications, such as applications for opening accounts with financial institutions, and many kinds of business forms related to taxes, other public expenses, etc. In addition, TOPPAN FORMS will achieve more efficient operational processes by combining Tegaki with business form improvement solutions by taking the scientific approache that the company has established through its experience in business forms to curb writing failures and mistakes in hand-written documents.

Purpose of the partnership and future business development

Our capital and business partnership is intended to further expand the possibilities of AI through practical business operations. The AI engines of Cogent Labs, which are created by researchers and engineers from more than ten countries, are characterized by their reduced dependence on teacher data and broad applicable scopes compared with conventional neural networks based on teacher-instructed learning. Therefore, Cogent Labs’ AI engines can perceive information about images and sounds as well as recognize written characters and are expected to be used for data in future businesses.
In recent years, TOPPAN FORMS has focused on providing BPO service for corporate general administrative work and digital statement service using information and communications technologies (ICT) in addition to managing and operating the entrusted information under a robust security system and providing the data print service (DPS) of drawing up paper statement materials that include different contents. By actively introducing AI to these services, TOPPAN FORMS will accelerate business development as a digital hybrid company that can provide services for both paper and digital forms.
In addition, TOPPAN FORMS will also create new business foundations for corporate operational innovations by combining its accumulated operational experiences and expertise through its support of greater operational efficiency of customers with Cogent Labs-provided AI engines that can be applied to a wide range of areas.

Reference information

■Cogent Labs Inc.
  • Company name:
    Cogent Labs Inc.
  • Head office:
    TENOHA LAB 20-23 Daikanyama Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Representative:
    Representative directors Jun Iinuma and Eric Whiteway
  • Content of business:
    Latest research and development of artificial intelligence and offering of related solutions.
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