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  • TOPPAN FORMS Launches Print Data Transfer Service to Enable Instantaneous Form Printing Between Multiple Sites Jointly Developed Service Utilizing NEC’s Cloud

Press Releases

TOPPAN FORMS Launches Print Data Transfer Service to Enable Instantaneous Form Printing Between Multiple Sites
Jointly Developed Service Utilizing NEC’s Cloud

December 4, 2017


NEC Corporation

TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (“TOPPAN FORMS,” hereafter) ,a DigitalHybrid company today launched Print Data Transfer, a service that generates and distributes the form output data needed to perform instantaneous high-volume printing on-site for invoices, delivery statements, work orders and so on.
Print Data Transfer has been jointly developed by Toppan Forms and NEC Corporation (“NEC,” hereafter). Print data generated using TOPPAN FORMS’ Form Generation Infrastructure is spooled to an Integrated Print Management cloud built on NEC’s cloud infrastructure service, enabling instantaneous printing through the printers at a customer’s location. This will make it possible to outsource the generation and distribution of print data, optimizing the costs and labor associated with a company’s form output work.

Overview of Print Data Transfer


The production of forms such as the invoices, delivery statements and work orders used at sites such as distribution warehouses and dispatch centers, particularly in the manufacturing and distribution industries, cannot be outsourced due to the short period from print data extraction to form printing and usage. For this reason, companies have needed to maintain and operate form creation systems in-house. However, since system maintenance work, version upgrades and other tasks require large costs and labor, there is a growing demand for the use of external services and outsourcing solutions.

Our Solution

Print Data Transfer has been developed as a new print solution to solve these issues. Under a robust security environment that combines the TOPPAN Group Data Center and NEC’s cloud infrastructure service, a large volume of print data can be generated and managed, enabling high-volume printing at each site.


  • 1. Customers’ existing printer equipment can be used for on-demand printing via the cloud
  • 2. Through web-based controls, operational and administrative functions such as confirming print completion are available on the customer side
  • 3. Overall management and operation of important form data takes place in a sophisticated and secure environment

Future Development

Toppan Forms is working to expand sales of its EFMS total outsourcing service for form operation and management, which supports both printed and electronic forms throughout the lifecycle (generation, utilization, retention and disposal), with a particular focus on the manufacturing industry and local governments. By strengthening links to services such as business process outsourcing (BPO) and data printing services (BPS), which correspond to the “utilization” part of the form lifecycle with Print Data Transfer, TOPPAN FORMS is striving to create value and expand the scope of applicable business so that it can provide solutions for all facets of its customers’ businesses.
TOPPAN FORMS aims to generate sales of 500 million yen by fiscal 2019 through Print Data Transfer and related services.
As with Print Data Transfer, NEC will continue to provide business operators with infrastructure to realize services to manage print data over the NEC cloud and allow customers to print data at their own sites, and is looking to further expand the business moving forward.
The NEC Group is promoting its Social Solutions Business, which creates social value by delivering greater safety, security, efficiency and equality, at a global scale. Fusing advanced ICT and knowledge, NEC is realizing a more efficient and sophisticated society in which people can lead brighter and more prosperous lives.

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