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  • TOPPAN FORMS Launches Data Distribution Business for Optimized Services through Personal Data Storage and Coordination

Press Releases

TOPPAN FORMS Launches Data Distribution Business for Optimized Services through Personal Data Storage and Coordination

September 20, 2018

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (hereinafter “TOPPAN FORMS”) is pleased to announce that it will launch a data distribution business centered on the provision of a data distribution platform.
In this business, TOPPAN FORMS will help companies and organizations aiming to offer optimum and beneficial information and services by applying consumers’ personal data* in their efforts to improve their quality through the data distribution platform provided to store data and manage its transmission and receipt.
Specifically, TOPPAN FORMS plans to offer the platform to healthcare service providers managing health-related data and business operators considering equipping themselves with information trust functions, among other companies and organizations.

TOPPAN FORMS will link consumers with companies and organizations, and contribute to creating new markets and innovations by building a new data distribution platform and distributing data reliably and safely in a highly secure environment, utilizing its knowhow for managing and applying personal and other information accumulated through its data print service (DPS) and other services.


Currently, concerned parties in Japan are proactively advancing digital reforms with the Cabinet Secretariat in the center. Furthermore, a data distribution environment, including the legal system, is increasingly developing as demonstrated by the full enforcement of the Amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the Basic Act on the Advancement of Public and Private Sector Data Utilization. Markets related to data distribution are forming and expanding.
TOPPAN FORMS has been managing and applying a large volume of data, including personal information and other types of sensitive information, through its services centered on DPS. TOPPAN FORMS will build a highly secure data distribution platform that links consumers with companies and organizations and launch its data distribution business, making the most of achievements through the existing services and its knowhow in the area of information security.

Data Distribution Platform

TOPPAN FORMS is building a data distribution platform centered on a data storage and management platform called the personal data store (PDS) in order to realize data distribution that is safe and reliable.
TOPPAN FORMS seeks to realize a platform able to offer high-value-added services by adding functions, such as ID management, including ID issuance and authentication, safe and reliable data coordination, and data transmission and receipt management, through a variety of demonstration experiments in the future.

Future Development

TOPPAN FORMS will continue to develop functions that advance platform functions and add high value to personal data. TOPPAN FORMS will contribute to solving social issues through the provision of the data distribution platform.
TOPPAN FORMS aims to achieve sales of three billion yen in the data distribution business by FY2022.

  • * Personal data is a generic name for not only personal information but also information associated with individuals, such as data about an individual’s actions and condition.
  • * “DigitalHybrid” and “DPS” are registered trademarks of TOPPAN FORMS.
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