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  • TOPPAN FORMS Releases Test Vehicle Location Management System, System Using RFID Tags and Visualizing Location of Test Vehicle

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TOPPAN FORMS Releases Test Vehicle Location Management System, System Using RFID Tags and Visualizing Location of Test Vehicle
Already Adopted by CHIBA TOYOPET CO., LTD. And Netz Toyota Tama CO., LTD.

February 20, 2019

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. ("TOPPAN FORMS" hereunder) has developed a test vehicle location management system ("the system" hereunder) for car dealers ("dealers" hereunder) using RFID and will begin selling the system.
The system includes a radio wave self-generating type RFID tag equipped with a battery (active RFID tag) installed in the key of a test vehicle in a shop of a dealer and a receiver installed inside the shop that receives the radio wave, and thus ascertains location information about in which shop the test vehicle is located at the present, accurately and in real time. The information is centrally managed on a web server, enabling a reference from each location, and the locations of the vehicles can be visualized. With the system, it will be unnecessary to verify the location of a test vehicle by referring directly to each shop, which has been conventionally undertaken by the persons in charge at the headquarters, or to perform registration operations that have been conventionally performed manually at each shop. As a result, the operation efficiency at the headquarters and the shops will improve significantly. Further, the collection of conventionally unavailable data about the use history of each test vehicle (e.g. records of moving between shops, entry/exit records) is now made available by the system.
Please note that the system has already been adopted by CHIBA TOYOPET CO., LTD. and Netz Toyota Tama CO., LTD., and that it has also been introduced successively in the other shops, aiming for development in all shops.

Image of Operation of The System

Active Tag and Receiver

Use by Customers


Test vehicles are an important sales promotion tool, allowing customers to experience the running performance of vehicles and the specifications of diverse car equipment. On the other hand, it is difficult to station a large number of test vehicles with different specifications at each shop, and if a test vehicle that a customer likes is not stationed at the shop the customer visits, the test vehicle that the customer likes is lent by a neighboring shop. However, the history of the lending is conventionally shared among the shops concerned only; it has therefore been a problem that it takes a long time for the headquarters and the other shops to ascertain accurate information about the current location of a test vehicle, which may result in the loss of a sales opportunity.
In addition, in updating information about the location of a test vehicle posted on the website of an automobile manufacturer at the headquarters supervising the management of test vehicles, the persons in charge at the headquarters have been required to make inquiries about the location information on every such occasion.
By using the system to centrally manage the test vehicle location information, it is expected that the benefit of the system will become available in two aspects: the reduction of the load from management operations and the creation of sales opportunities by the optimized stationing of test vehicles in shops.

Future Development

TOPPAN FORMS will make proposals for the use of the system for the purpose of the management of vehicles other than test vehicles, such as exhibition vehicles stationed at shops and substitute vehicles. We have also been investigating the addition of an automatic updating function for updating test vehicle information posted on websites and a function for accepting reservations for test vehicles in the system using the collected location information; as well as the use of the service in managing used cars and the applied development of the system to car sharing services that are expected to expand in the future, TOPPAN FORMS will continue to make efforts to develop and offer services that will lead to the further improvement of the business of the dealers.
TOPPAN FORMS is aiming to achieve cumulative sales of the system totaling 200 million yen by the fiscal year 2020.

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