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TOPPAN FORMS Develops Watashi-no-Ondo, a Healthcare IoT Service Utilizing a Wearable Device
-Automatically identifying the high temperature period and the low temperature period unique to women

March 6, 2019

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (hereinafter “TOPPAN FORMS”) is pleased to announce that it has developed Watashi-no-Ondo, a healthcare IoT service utilizing a wearable device* and an application that allow users to measure the high temperature period and the low temperature period unique to women while they sleep, and to understand the measured data, the log, and a prediction for the cycle for the day using a smartphone. The new service will be launched around mid-2019.
TOPPAN FORMS offers Watashi-no-Ondo to provide support for solving issues related to women’s health management, and also promotes the development of a new health culture where anyone can implement healthcare easily.

Previously, in order to identify the high temperature period and the low temperature period unique to women, they had to wake up at a specified time every morning, and measure and record their temperature using a basal thermometer routinely and persistently for a long period of time before starting to carry out activities. Accordingly, these efforts were made only by women with high needs such as health management and attempting to get pregnant. There were also issues such as difficulty measuring and recording, and measurement variations. As a result, there was a need to provide techniques for identifying the cycle easily.
Watashi-no-Ondo, which has been developed by TOPPAN FORMS, measures the high temperature phase and the low temperature phase unique to women while they sleep, and links the data with the application automatically. When a user gets up, she is able to check the measured data, the log, and a prediction for the cycle for the day. Moreover, it helps anyone to obtain daily support information on health and beauty based on the high temperature phase and the low temperature period (the time when it is easy to lose weight, the time when dry skin is likely, etc.) easily and in a timely manner without paying special attention, thus leading to the development of a new health culture.

Watashi-no-Ondo is a new service for which TOPPAN FORMS has applied the technologies and expertise it has cultivated for many years to the new field of healthcare IoT. Specifically, it utilizes the technologies of wireless devices that have been developed in RFID-related services and high-precision temperature sensing technology for wearable devices. For the application, it uses personal information handling technologies that were established through the operations of Data Print Service (DPS) and BPO, and the safe and secure storage and operation expertise of data based on them.


As women have become more aware of their health in recent years, many healthcare services that support women’s health have become available in the market. In this situation, service providers foster the use of the data obtained and the personalization of services in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
Moreover, with the increase in the number of women working and the promotion of the movement to encourage women to play an active role in society, women’s health is attracting attention as part of corporate health management. One of the examples is adding corporate initiatives to maintain and improve women’s health to the requirements for the certification of Health and Productivity 2019 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This shows that women’s health is becoming more important. On the other hand, many companies have expressed their concerns by saying “We are not sure how we can support women” and “There are sensitive issues in terms of women’s health, and it is difficult to tackle them,” and they are searching for specific measures.

Future Development

TOPPAN FORMS will use Watashi-no-Ondo to provide support for solving issues regarding women’s health. It provides support in a range of ways. Specifically, for healthcare-related service providers, it supports the personalization (improvement of added value) of healthcare-related products using timely vital data to be obtained with a wearable device, and for companies who promote health management, it provides health management support for female employees as part of the benefit package, and supports the application to data health.

  • * This wearable device is not a clinical thermometer (medical instrument). It is healthcare equipment for supporting self health management.
  • * In order to explain the characteristics of the Watashi-no-Ondo service widely to the public, TOPPAN FORMS will undertake brand design communication activities centered on the brand mark with the motif of a thermometer, and the brand message “Live according to my natural rhythm.” The brand message “Live according to my natural rhythm” expresses the wish to create an environment in which women will obtain materials that enable them to accept what they are without losing their individuality regarding women’s health, where there are many sensitive issues, and to make a decision on the direction in which they should head on their own, including better ways to live and work.
  • * “DigitalHybrid” and “DPS” are registered trademarks of TOPPAN FORMS.
  • * “Watashi-no-Ondo” has a patent pending by TOPPAN FORMS.
  • *All other product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
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