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  • TOPPAN FORMS Develops Three-Temperature Range Linerless Label Solution that Promotes Improved Labeling Efficiency for Delivery Items and Reduces Waste

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TOPPAN FORMS Develops Three-Temperature Range Linerless Label Solution that Promotes Improved Labeling Efficiency for Delivery Items and Reduces Waste

May 21, 2019

DigitalHybrid Company TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. (hereinafter “TOPPAN FORMS”) is pleased to announce that it has developed the Three-Temperature Range Linerless Label Solution that promotes automation and labor saving in labeling operations for delivery items, and reduces the environmental impact.
The newly developed product without release paper on the back can be used in a wide range of temperatures, and reduce waste. TOPPAN FORMS achieves these functions through the adoption of re-moisturized glue, that becomes adhesive when water is applied. By using the dedicated auto labeler, which supports automatic labeling for this product, TOPPAN FORMS will offer a solution that contributes to automation and labor saving in its operations.


  • 1. Significantly improving operational efficiency
    This solution helps to significantly improve operational efficiency through the automation of labeling operations. Because there is no release paper, it is simplifies the label attachment part, which allows for easy maintenance and quick recovery when an issue occurs. It reduces the work of removing waste during operations.
  • 2. Reducing waste
    Because the design does not require release paper, it is possible to reduce the waste that would be generated from the conventional delivery labels. Use of a one-million sheets will have the effect of reducing 1.4 tons of waste, and the reduction of waste disposal costs can also be expected (in comparison with the use of nine-inch type delivery labels).
  • 3. Support for frozen products
    This product uses glue that withstands low temperatures, and it can be used in the temperature range from room temperature to F1 class (-20°C to -30°C). In addition, due to the strong resistance to condensation, it will reduce the risk of detachment of slips (slip falling).


Currently, the EC market continues to grow, and the number of packages handled by home delivery services keeps increasing. The type of products handled, such as perishable food and frozen food, is diversified. Meanwhile, the prolonged labor shortage has become obvious in the logistics industry. In order to maintain high-quality transport, it is indispensable to save labor and improve operational efficiency by utilizing IT and introducing automation equipment. Active investments are being made in this field.

Future development

TOPPAN FORMS will expand sales of Three-Temperature Range Linerless Label Solution maily to the logistics and mail order/online shoping industries, and aim to achieve 100 million yen in sales in FY2020.
In addition to the Linerless Label Solution, the company will offer products in a wide range of fields including digital solutions for documents, labels and other business forms, as well as electronic communication, IoT solutions centering on RFID tags and solutions for transport under controlled temperatures, to support improvement in operational efficiency for customers.

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