CSR Management Framework

Corporate Governance

At Toppan Forms, our actions are based on our management philosophy of "San-eki iIchijo - Tria Juncta in uno – Contributions." As we strengthen the trust the community places in us, we aim to further improve the values for our company and our shareholders, in order to satisfy the expectations of all of our stakeholders.

We recognize that in order to achieve the above, the most important management issue for Toppan Forms is to establish corporate governance, a framework which allows us to monitor and control our business activities ourselves.

Corporate Governance Framework


We currently implement various activities to ensure compliance, which is the basis for all CSR activity.

"Action Agenda" booklet

Promotion of our Action Agenda
Our Action Agenda contains 10 basic principles and 55 specific rules, and we make it a priority to ensure all employees understand these. In addition, a compliance promotion manager and promotion leader has been appointed at each of our workplaces, to support employees and ensure the guidelines are adhered to on a day to day basis.
In other areas, the legal division carries out compliance education and legal training about themes relating to employees' work tasks such as "The Antitrust Law and Subcontractors' Law," and "The Basics of Contracts."
Corporate Ethics Hotline
When an employee becomes aware of a breach of our Action Agenda or of any law, basic protocol suggests they report it to their supervisor or manager, but in cases which solving the problem may be difficult, employees can use the Corporate Ethics Hotline to notify the breach via letter or email. This also ensures that the notifying employee will not receive any undesirable treatment because of their action.

Risk Management

At Toppan Forms, we consider risk management a source of profit, and work together as a whole on risk management measures.
We have established expert committees in line with risk categories, and risk management committees for each organization which take action for each organization. These bodies conduct activities and preventive measures which take into consideration adhesion to national legislation and international standards.
Further, in case of management crisis, our headquarters contain an emergency response division and we have established a framework with onsite emergency response divisions, to ensure prompt resolution of any problem which arises.

Business Continuity

In the case of a disaster, we place our top priority on human safety as we cooperate with the local community, and respond to society's needs by preparing a framework that will allow us to continue operation to the greatest extent possible.
At Toppan Forms, we established a BMCS (business continuity management system) in Tokyo during FY2006 to deal with DPS business, and are currently constructing a management framework to collaborate our Tokyo and Osaka workplaces.
In the future, we intend to continue working according to the PDCA cycle to spiral up, as well as expand our workplaces and businesses in the area concerned.

Acquisition of Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) certification

Acquisition of registration certification authorized by JIPDEC and UKAS following extension and maintenance surveillance audits of Business Continuity Management System (BCMS).

Information Security

Appropriate management of information strengthens our customers' faith in us, while also conveying to society the fact that our company is socially responsible. With this in mind, Toppan Forms takes action to improve our information security.

Execution of our Basic Principles for Information Security and Personal Information Protection Policy
Our basic principles for information security have been clearly defined, and the entire Toppan Forms Group undertakes activities for information security. In addition, we are aware of the utility of personal information, and have established a personal information protection policy to protect the rights and benefits of individuals involved with our company. We are committed to ensuring the appropriate handling of personal information.
Establishment of Information Security Guidelines
We have established information security guidelines for the entire company to ensure employees are aware of the security of information passed between divisions, and to eliminate any inconsistencies in the level of measures carried out.
The implementation of these guidelines will allow us to construct a security framework fitting of an industry leading company.