Diversity & Integration Activity Performance

Actively recruiting women ~ Highest female recruitment rate in the industry

As a result of continued recruitment campaigns aimed at reaching our 50/50 male/female target for graduate intake, we now have the highest female recruitment rate in the industry. Our female employees are engaged in a wide variety of jobs, and women account for 35.6% of sales personnel aged 20-29.
We are also focusing on employing women who return to work when they have finished rearing their children, and the ratio of female employees to total employees has risen to 19.9% (5.8 percentage points higher than 5 years ago).

Program to develop female employees for managerial positions

We offer two levels of training to develop female employees for managerial positions to those female employees who occupy supervisory positions. In basic training (duration: 6 months, 9 sessions in total), trainees master basic managerial skills, while manager candidate training equips trainees with the skills they will need to solve the problems they will face in actual day-to-day work.

We also provide follow-up training for newly appointed female managers to help them become even more effective in their roles.

In the belief that female employees wishing to become managers require understanding and appropriate guidance from their line managers, we also provide training for the department managers of female employees taking part in managerial training.

Social occasions where our female employees can mix with their counterparts in other industries

We provide opportunities for our female employees to mix with their counterparts in other industries, including themed discussions in groups comprised of female employees from two different companies, and lunch meetings where female employees with children can share their experiences about balancing work and raising children over lunch.
These occasions, which bring together female employees from different industries to exchange views and information beyond industry boundaries, provide female employees with the opportunity to widen their perspective and to encourage each other.

Human resource development structure, and measures and framework for promoting women's active participation

We believe that a commitment to the development of human resources is important for the realization of diversity management, and besides implementing programs to develop human resources in stages, we also implement a range of measures to promote the utilization of human resources.

Formulation of action plan based on Act for the Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

Following the enactment of the Act for the Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, Toppan Forms conducted an assessment and task analysis concerning women's participation. Based on the results, we formulated an action plan, which we communicated to our employees.

Employment of persons with disabilities ~ Creation of workplace with the right people in the right jobs

In fiscal 2012, we employed persons with disabilities using the Japanese dual system. We plan to continue conducting recruitment activities using this system in the future. Under the system, participants undergo two weeks of group training before receiving on-the-job training for one month at Toppan Forms to improve their vocational skills. Once the training is complete, participants are asked whether they wish to join the company and we judge whether or not it is possible to hire them.

Promoting the utilization of older workers ~ Increasing the motivation of veteran employees

We introduced a new reemployment system under which there is now more than one form of reemployment around the mandatory retirement age of 60 and competent employees who wish to continue working after mandatary retirement can still be appointed to managerial positions. The rate of appointment of rehired employees to managerial positions is 10.8%, and we are also endeavoring to increase motivation by appreciating the extensive experience and high level of skills of veteran employees.

Activities to improve long work hours

We have designated the second and third Wednesday of each month as no-overtime days, and on these days the Personnel Department makes two internal announcements to this effect (in the morning and in the evening), and managers and workers patrol every floor at the finishing time. Every month, employees who work long hours are required to submit a report of measures to reduce long work hours via their department manager with a view to reducing long work hours.

Target reduction in working hours
As in fiscal 2016, we continue to aim to reduce average working hours to less than 30 hours.

Activities to improve long work hours
  • "No-overtime day" patrol

Toppan Forms Designated as Diversity Management Selection 100 and Nadeshiko Brand (three years running)

In recognition of its efforts to promote diversity management and the active participation of women, Toppan Forms was designated as both a Diversity Management Selection 100 and Nadeshiko Brand in fiscal 2013, and with selections in fiscal 2014 and fiscal 2015 has been designated a Nadeshiko Brand company for three consecutive years.
We received these honors in recognition of initiatives such as the active recruitment of women, the provision of career development programs to develop women for managerial positions with clear goals and targets, the provision of training for employees taking childcare leave and employees working short hours, as well as management training for the line managers of training recipients to increase their awareness and the creation of a workplace culture that promotes diversity.
We are working to provide support for flexibly changing working styles and encouraging male employees to take childcare leave as a way to help employees strike a balance between work and home, and we are also making efforts to develop systems and change employees' mindsets to effect company-wide reforms to the way employees work.

Overview of Diversity Management Selection 100
The Diversity Management Selection 100 is an initiative introduced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in fiscal 2012. It is an award given by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to companies that have used diversity management to increase their value. In total, around 100 companies have received this ward since fiscal 2012.
As part of a new phase begun in fiscal 2015, the “New Diversity Management Selection 100” established under key themes was launched.

Overview of Nadeshiko Brand
Begun in fiscal 2012, the Nadeshiko Brand is a joint program of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) to select and publicize enterprises making distinguished efforts in the promotion of female advancement. From fiscal 2015, the scope of the program was expanded to cover all publicly listed companies, including those listed in the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mothers and JASDAQ.
This is one of a series of initiatives to promote women's active participation, which constitutes the core of the Japanese Government's growth strategy. The program aims to introduce publicly listed companies excelling in the promotion of female advancement to investors who place importance on medium-to-long-term improvements in corporate value, thereby encouraging investment in these companies and accelerating similar efforts on the part of all companies.

Awarded "Kurumin" Next-generation Accreditation Mark

Kurumin next-generation accreditation mark

Toppan Forms was again awarded the “Kurumin” next-generation accreditation mark from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in recognition of its progress in developing of a broad range of working conditions as a company supporting child-rearing by employees, after implementing the Fourth General Employer’s Action Plan (covering the period from April 2013 to March 2015) under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children*. This is the third time for Toppan Forms to receive the accreditation after first receiving it in 2007 and later in 2013.

In September 2014, Toppan Forms Nishinihon Co., Ltd., a member of the Toppan Forms Group, received the “Kurumin” mark, awarded to companies supporting child-rearing by employees. It was the first company in Tamana City, Kumamoto Prefecture to receive the award.
Toppan Forms Nishinihon has introduced paid childcare leave (five days) and a system of shorter working hours for childrearing. Over the last three years, three male employees have taken childcare leave and part-time female employees have also taken childcare leave, and the “Kurumin” award recognizes these initiatives.

*The Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, enacted in July 2003, aims to clarify the responsibilities of the national government, local public groups, business owners, and citizens in order to facilitate the creation of an environment in which the next generation of children could be born and raised in good health.

Announcement of positive action initiatives

Toppan Forms declared that it would share information in-house and externally regarding the promotion of active participation by women and create an environment in which women who so wished could play active roles. We will continue to promote activities on the themes of "development of diverse roles models by female managers" and "establishment of diverse working styles for female employees," with the aim of further improving the workplace environment and workplace culture in the future.


Ikumen (Men Raising Children) Supporter Declaration

Toppan Forms is participating in the Ikumen Support Project launched by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
We actively support men's participation in childcare and encourage male employees to take childcare leave.
We are also actively promoting a work-life balance for both male and female employees and are creating a work environment that is rewarding for both men and women.

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