Environmental Policy

Toppan Forms' Environmental Principles and Policies

Toppan Forms has established a "Basic Environmental Principle" concerning the preservation of the Earth's environment, and we are undertaking various environmental activities.

Basic Environmental Principle

Toppan Forms recognizes the fact that environmental preservation is an important issue which is shared by all humans, and in order to fulfil our social responsibility as a corporation, we will continue to implement the appropriate measures, involving our entire company.


1. "Protect the environment, and elevate employee awareness levels"
We will prepare an internal framework for the promotion of natural environment preservation activities, improving our employees' awareness of environmental preservation, and actively supporting and encouraging participation in environmental preservation activities.
2. "Promote the conservation of resources and energy, and recycling"
In order to protect natural resources, we will reduce the amount of materials and energy lost in production, and purchase recyclable materials to promote conservation of resources and energy, and the recycling of materials.
3. "Comply with legislation"
We will strictly adhere to all laws and regulations related to the environment, as well as implement our own standards for preservation of the environment.
4. "Reduce waste materials and prevent environmental pollution"
We will replace ozone depleting substances, greenhouses gases and substances, toxic substances, and other substances which may be harmful to the environment, with alternative technologies and materials to reduce environmental impact as much as possible and to prevent environmental pollution.
5. "Develop and sell green products"
We will strive to develop products and technologies which have little environmental impact and are beneficial to environmental preservation.
6. "Support biodiversity"
We will strive to conserve biodiversity and to make us of the benefits of biodiversity in a sustainable manner.