Promotion of Safety

Safety policy

Toppan Forms stipulates “Creation of a rewarding work environment” as a management strategy, and enhances activities for management and measures to ensure safety and health, and fire and disaster prevention, and secures the safety and health of our employees. We also strive to perform business efficiently while improving the work environment and creating a comfortable workplace.

Safety and health, fire and disaster prevention management system

Safety and Health and Fire Prevention Committee
In accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act, we established the safety and health and fire prevention committee for each site that employs 50 or more workers constantly. For each site that employs fewer than 50 workers, the labor and management joint committee is held once a month, and research and discussions are held on basic measures for preventing risks and health problems of workers.
In addition, as a forum for discussion and promotion across the Toppan Forms Group, we organize the Central Safety and Health and Fire Prevention Committee led by the Administration Department Manager including Group companies. We strive to prevent accidents by identifying areas that may cause industrial accidents, and by implementing proper safety measures and rolling them out to other sites. When industrial accidents occur, the entire Group shares information on the situation of the accidents and their causes, and aims to prevent recurrence by implementing common measures against accidents.

Specific initiatives

1. Safety
    • Implementation of site patrols (monthly workplace patrols with industrial physicians)
    • Holding of safe driving training courses
    • Cooperation for street guidance when a nationwide traffic safety campaign is conducted *1
    • Raising awareness of safety in workplaces
    • “Visualization” activities of accident prediction (KY)
    • Research on earthquake resistance strengthening of buildings
    • Activities for eradicating industrial accidents
    • Distribution of helmets to all employees (for disaster prevention and so on)
2. Health
    • Workplace patrols
    • Implementation of anti-smoking events
    • Events by dental hygienists
    • Mental health training (line care)
    • Mental health training (self-care)
    • Implementation of sleep health week (March and September)
    • Implementation of patrols on no overtime work days
    • Holding of physical strength measurement events
    • Walking competitions
    • Implementation of 5S activities
    • Participation in TABLE FOR TWO *2
3. Fire and disaster prevention
    • Implementation of disaster prevention training (twice a year) *3
    • Formation of self-defense firefighting brigades
    • Visits to fire stations
    • Routine check of firefighting equipment
    • Visualization of locations of fire extinguishers
    • Implementation of lifesaving courses (twice a year)
    • Implementation of first aid relief training
    • Meetings to explain firefighting facilities
    • Placement of Evac+Chair products *4
    • Placement of disaster prevention chairs for elevators
    • Storing stocks for preparation in the event of a disaster (for three days)
    • Placement of AED

Participation in “Safety Project” as members of the project promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

We launched “Zero Disaster Activities” as part of the activities for the creation of a safe and secure workplace, and strive to achieve the goal of eradicating industrial accidents.
Initiatives for safety not only help protect the lives and health of workers, but also improve productivity and enhance the morale of the company, and lead to improved trust among workers.
We aim to further invigorate the activities and promote the initiatives.


Headquarters building has obtained “special certification“ for fire and disaster prevention

  • Our headquarters building was recognized for its excellent performance in complying with fire laws and regulations, and was certified for exemption by the Shiba Fire Station of the Tokyo Fire Department on January 29, 2016. We were awarded a “fire and disaster prevention excellent performance certificate.” * What is “Special certification”? Management title holders of certain fire prevention objects are obliged to ensure that qualified fire prevention inspection persons inspect the necessary business for fire prevention management and report the results to the head of the firefighting headquarters (in the case of municipalities where there are no firefighting headquarters, the top officials of the municipalities) or the fire station chief. Where the management title holders of certain fire prevention objects apply for inspection to the fire institutions and it is confirmed that they continue to comply with fire laws and meet the standards for a certain period of time, they may display a sign stating that they are certified as undertaking excellent fire prevention measures, and will be exempted from the obligation to inspect and report for three years.